Death risk increased with a heart attack before the age of 50

People who suffer a heart attack before age 50 have a higher risk of premature death. . Factors such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity – common among patients with a heart attack – carry the risk of early mortality to

The principal investigator, Dr. Morten Schmidt said: “Patients with a heart attack at an early age should be warned that an excess risk of fatal events persists, ensuring compliance with their prescribed drugs and efforts to reduce risk factors related to modifiable lifestyle, particularly smoking. ”

Researchers studied nearly 22,000 people who had a heart attack before age 50. Patients were followed for about 11 years, compared with about 217,000 people in the general public.

between 1980-1989 and 2000-2009, the rate of mortality in the first 30 days after a heart attack decreased by 10 percent. On the other hand, the overall risk of mortality during the first year doubled compared with the general public. Women had a threefold risk of post-heart attack mortality compared with women who had not had a heart attack, while men were twice as likely to die prematurely. The researchers could not explain these gender differences.

Dr. Gregg Fonarow, professor of cardiology at UCLA, said, “It is well established that people who have a heart attack at a younger age, even if he survives the initial episode, They remain at increased risk of long-term mortality compared with those who have not had the heart before an attack. ”

The study clearly indicates the importance of prevention of myocardial infarction. “This can be achieved by maintaining healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels and weight, besides not smoking and staying physically active,” added Dr. Fonarow.

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