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Everyone loves a filling and tasty food, but most simply do not have the time to prepare something that is rich in nutritional value. Alternative options are bars, cereal, a sandwich, or some other fast food. While these are all promising to achieve the nutritional value ways, the crux of the matter is -. It can also wreak havoc on your intestinal health, because they are not exactly soft foods

If you are looking something easy on the stomach that helps you maintain a healthy and positive weight digestive health , and a general feeling of good eating habits, then you may want to consider what Danone brand has to offer.

About Danone brand

Danone is an internationally recognized brand and popular decorating almost every store shelves worldwide. While you may be familiar with their product lines, you probably do not know much about the brand itself. Understanding the company behind its products not only gives you an idea of ​​the company and its standards, but also allows you to differentiate between a company worth and is simply pushing for benefits.

As mentioned Danone, its goal is to “bring health through food.” Its products are designed to benefit users of all ages, backgrounds, ages, and social, cultural environment. To benefit as many people as possible with their quality products, the brand is able to change the way people food for a healthier lifestyle and sustainable approach.

Model Nutrition

To ensure that those who consume Danone receive nothing but the best nutritional value for your money and brand loyalty, Danone is committed to research. The brand has a scientific approach that is derived from food styles, local needs, culture and the local environment. That is, the products available in a given area are adapted to the needs of people. For example, Danone products in the United States may be different from Danone products in the UK or France. By keeping a variation in the product, the brand is able to better adapt its products to the expectations.

scientific equipment company based in European cities such as Madrid, Utrecht, Evian, and Palaiseau. Research facilities include 3 specialized centers and 2 major international research centers. There are also other 55 research and development offices worldwide. Those working in research facilities focus on the following areas:

  • Product development
  • Sensory and Consumer Science
  • digestive health
  • Brian Health
  • Milk Human Research
  • Hydration Science

by focusing on these areas, Danone is better able to provide products that meet their needs, needs his family, and health standards you expect from a line of healthy and nutritious product. There are 1,500 scientists working in these areas, each of which has expertise in nutrition, immunology, neurology, microbiology, chemistry, food security, science and sensory physiology. Moreover, the brand is also working with partners around the world that are emerging with some of the latest information in their respective fields.

Companies Centering The four Health

Danone has four companies focused health and reflect the practice of the company that food plays a key role in the welfare and development of all people in all ages. Categories the company ensure that customers achieve a balanced and quality diet. The four categories include:

  • Fresh milk products
  • Water
  • Early Nutrition
  • Medical Nutrition

Each of these categories has a series of products that can be recognized in stores. In any case, the following sections will touch the product offerings in each area so you can make an informed buying decision.



Danone’s main products are in the line of dairy products. The line of dairy products has been in place for over 100 years and appears in numerous countries around the world. To create its dairy products, Danone uses local facilities so that products meet local health standards.

The dairy products include products such as Activa, Danonio, Oikos, Actimel, and more. These dairy products come in the form of Probiotic yoghurts that promote positive cure digestive, weight control and healthy lifestyle in general.

If you have not tried these yogurts and then it’s time to give them a chance. They are really delicious.

Early Nutrition

As you may already gather from the name of the section, these products are made especially for toddlers and infants. nutrition products first years of life of the brand are intended to support the mother and baby to help promote lifelong health.

Danone is constantly researching ways you can improve your line early nutrition for your child to receive the support they need to thrive. This line includes products such as SGM, Nutrilon, Dumex, Cow and Gate, and bleding.


Water is an essential element for everyone and Danone is committed to delivering to you in fresh, clean and clear. The mission of the company in its water department is “to inspire people to healthy hydration.”

With the high level of hydration of the company, you can be sure you are getting nothing but quality. It watermarks include Aqua Danone, Evian, Bonafont, and more. Note that since Danone is an international brand, some of the products may not be available in your country. However, quality standards are uniform in each product offered by the brand offers.

Medical Nutrition

The last section is the medical nutrition and here, the brand uses their findings to help you and your family to live a long and healthy life. Since the brand is still developing its medical nutrition products, there are currently no deals available. But, based on the success and quality of the brand, you may just want to keep an eye out.


Danone products can be found at your local supermarket or health food store. If you like and appreciate buying a company that supports health, happiness, research and development, then the Danone products are made for you. The products are also affordable and are based on the best available standards. Danone and other brands, it is clear that one should choose.

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