Dangerous Signs Of Ovarian Cyst And How To Cure It Naturally

Many women have ovarian cysts at some point in their lives.

while most ovarian cysts are harmless and go away without treatment after a few months, those who have broken can cause serious complications.

The best ways to protect your health is to know the symptoms of the theses that may indicate a more important problem

-. frequent urination or difficulty urinating
– Abnormal bleeding or menstrual pain
– Pain during intercourse
– Loss of appetite or quickly complete feeling
– dull pain in the lower back
– Pain or swelling in the abdomen

Furthermore, the following two natural ways provide great effects in the treatment of ovarian cysts:

* sauzgatillo – this herb controls the menstrual flow, relieves pelvic pain and requires ovarian cysts to shrink.

* Licorice – effectively balances hormone levels because of its strong healing properties and improves adrenal function. Moreover, it is very useful and one of the safest natural remedies in the treatment of ovarian cysts

This is what you should do :. boil some licorice for 5 minutes in a bowl and let cool for about 5-6 minutes. Then, strained and consumed twice a day.

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