Dandiya away to Fitness this Navratri! With our 3 simple moves you could burn calories and have fun, even as a newbie!

Festivals of India are all about Binge sweet delicacies combined with savouries smacking lips and eventful days of Navratri are no exception. It originated in Gujarat, ‘Dandiya’ is a popular dance performed during the nine days of Navratri. This playful dance can have similar benefits to intense cardiovascular exercise routines if you do well. All you need do is follow this regime of calorie burning 3 steps to the beat of one night (and calories) away.

1. Back To Basics

Dandia action :. Stay in the rhythm and beat of the music, hitting the sticks on his head, sitting on his heels, come back up and take a turn

Benefit : . By doing this it moves at the speed and cadence that helps in the loss of trans fat and burns about 300-500 calories per hour giving you the abs table perfect surf

2 . Increase your intensity to make moon dance

Dandia action : whether you are with a partner or a whole group of dancers, be sure to incorporate instant jumps in circular motions. This jump and swing movement inspired by the moon, using the muscles of the head to the feet, increasing blood flow.

Benefit : As the regime is fast paced that gives you a healthy heart rate and replace the bad LDL cholesterol good HDL. Oh, and 400-600 calories per hour burns if done well.

3. ‘Imitate Technical graceful waves

Dandia action : To relax the body and mind, be go through the motion of the waves, which extends from calm, fast storm. After each wave, squat and bear arms down. Hit bats. Repeat from the top.

Benefit : This movement is priceless for several reasons. Releases endorphins or brain chemicals and helps improve posture while exudes grace and elegance in appearance. This transitional movement is an amalgam of squats, biceps and triceps. Help arms by the steady beat of the sticks, while the abdominal muscles of the thigh and leg are trained. Technical waves tones the entire body while allowing you to lose up to 400 calories per hour.

Try these workout full body eating your heart’s content this Navratri and burn all the Dandiya overboard style! “

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