D & C Recovery After Miscarriage

According to a research, 10 to 25 percent of women have to face the problem of miscarriage during the first trimester of pregnancy. During the first 13 weeks woman you have to be very careful for your baby and your health. In case of any problem, it is advisable to consult with your doctor about common pregnancy loss. Pregnancy is a memorable experience for all women, but Miscarriage is very unfortunate event that an annoying and stressful lady does.

is necessary to continue treatment after a miscarriage, to avoid unwanted infection inside the lady. In the first three months some significant changes within the body of the pregnant woman. Some women are not able to adopt these changes and chances of spontaneous abortion increases greatly. In this situation, you need to follow a medical procedure that prevents bleeding and infection is called as D and C recovery after miscarriage.

D & C Recovery After Miscarriage

Meaning of D and C recovery

D and C represent dilation and curettage it is necessary to conceive a healthy baby after a miscarriage of the fetus. The expansion includes the evaluation of cervical and curettage helps in removing unwanted uterine contents. scraping treatment includes a vacuum type instrument that helps in removing the unwanted contents of the uterus.

Need for dilation and curettage

This is not a mandatory medical procedure, but most doctors recommend follow this procedure after miscarriage. According to an investigation of only 50 percent of women undergo this treatment and able to conceive a healthy baby later. If you are not able to decide whether this treatment is beneficial for you or not, then it would be best to consult your health expert instead of taking any personal decision.

D and C treatment is recommended for women whose miscarriage that occurs after 10 weeks of pregnancy. Do not forget to make all necessary so that the true cause of miscarriage can be identified medical tests. Once the reason is clear to us, then you can start a medical procedure to cure this health problem.

How D and C procedure is completed?

  • Antibiotics the pregnant woman are given to prevent infection.
  • should be evaluated closely and cervix opens slowly. High-tech instrument used to complete this task.
  • The next step is the treatment of uterus with the help of a vacuum type instrument. This instrument helps to pull the unwanted contents of the uterus.
  • unwanted contents of the uterus must be sent to the laboratory for further analysis.
  • This treatment helps stop bleeding and begin to recover from this fetal problem.

The complications and risks associated with dilation and curettage

  • Antibiotics can results in serious medical threats.
  • can cause heavy bleeding
  • uterus may be infected after D and C Medical Procedure
  • cervix is ​​weakened
  • sometimes procedure may remain incomplete and that the demands of restarting.
  • common expectation after dilation and curettage treatment

Most women think they would be able to return to their activities normal after this treatment. They would also be able to conceive healthy baby after dilation and curettage medical procedure. After this treatment should take special care of your health. You should not have privacy for at least two weeks after dilation and curettage medical procedure. Also follow regular checkups after this treatment for emotional and positive results.

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