Cutting Out Coffee Dried Sweaty Feet

P You have written sometimes excessively sweaty feet on. I’ve had this problem for years, but when I switched from regular to decaf for other reasons.

Today, I can drink a cup of regular coffee in the morning without any problem. But if I have two cups, I have to keep a hand towel for both hands and feet.

A. People with excessive sweating of the hands and feet (hyperhidrosis) are often desperate for relief. Some of the treatments used for underarm or hands (Botox injections, surgery) are not appropriate for the feet.

Caffeine and sweat

Thank you for telling us about your solution. This has not been extensively investigated, but found a study showing that caffeine increases the sensitivity to triggers sweating ( Journal of Medicinal Food , November 2011) .

Additional tactics

Other approaches include soaking your feet in a concentrated solution of tea as the tannin can have an astringent effect and reduce sweating. The use of tannic acid fluffy powder with talcum powder bentonite to socks is another option.

Readers recommend wool socks, sock liners possibly designed to absorb sweat. This is what Greg of Dallas, TX, had to say:

“My feet were always getting wet from perspiration, until I started using wool socks wool absorbs moisture. ft.

“in addition, part of the problem is the moisture stays inside your shoes. To dry them, I use cedar shoe trees. I leave a pair of shoes for about 24 hours, and alternative shoes. I have two pairs of lasts so shoes maximum drying time.

“wool socks and shoe trees have made my feet more comfortable!”

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