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Cura is a company that makes granola bars with fresh ingredients in interesting combinations. This is our opinion.

What is healing?

Finding nutritious snacks that everyone in the family can enjoy is a difficult task. Each has different palettes and nutritional needs, which means you need to meet each person maximize the nutritional impact of their appetizers . However, this task is too extreme for busy parents who have errands to do, children to raise, and jobs to work. Losing all that time in planning would be much better to spend with family and relaxing. To avoid stress throughout the nutrition of your family, choose one of foodstuffs by launching rockets .

Curate Snacks are designed to be healthy choices for his family, but without sacrificing unique blends of flavor. Each of the different bars you can choose the ingredients they contain most people do not put together. However, nutrition experts in Cura decided to take a leap and allow the general public to prove it. The company has snacks that are facing the diet of an adult or a child’s diet.

Each of the products that are rich in nutritional value. By selecting ingredients with high levels of essential vitamins , simply sit back and enjoy the delicious combination of fruit and chocolate in your mouth.

The Curate snacks are designed to be an alternative to junk food that consumers put in their body every day. No matter the snack bar you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you have:

  • ingredients are not genetically modified
  • Gluten
  • No artificial flavors or colors

Snacks curate

the curate products can be divided into two groups – the bars cure and cure bars for children. Each is nutritionally designed to help meet the needs of the target audience. Each bar has a unique blend of different ingredients that are not always found in their snack foods. Here are just some of the delicious flavors offered the cure:

  • Bars Curate
    • Dark & ​​tempter (Fig & Balsamic hazelnut)
      • 9 g of fat, plus 6 g of protein
      • $ 18.47 for a box of 12 on
    • Decadence Salado (Dark Chocolate and almonds)
      • or 12g fat, and 7 g of protein
      • $ 24.62 for a box of 16 on
    • Irresistible dark chocolate (strawberries and pistachios)
      • 10 g of fat, and 5 g of protein
      • $ 24.62 for a box of 16 on
    • lenient (Dark Chocolate hazelnuts)
      • 11 g fat, plus 6 g of protein
      • $ 24.62 for a box of 16 on
    • harmonious blend (marcona Almond and apricot)
      • 9 g fat, plus 6 g of protein
      • $ 22.76 for a box of 16 on
    • sweet and sour (Berry Bliss)
      • 8 g fat, plus 4 g of protein
      • $ 24.62 for a box of 16 on
    • Bars Cura children
      • Chocolate and Banana
        • Less than 10 g sugar, 4 g protein
        • $ 25.00 for a box of 20
      • apple and cinnamon
        • Less than 10 g sugar, 4 g protein
        • $ 25.00 for a box of 20
      • Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk
        • Less than 10 g sugar, 4 g protein
        • $ 25.00 for a box of 20 on

outlets Curate Snacks

company website is only intended to be used as a source of information. To actually buy any of these products, you can go to an online store or grocery store. Here are some of the retailers you can get these delicacies in:

  • Amazon (online)
  • Target (online and in stores)
  • Walmart (online and in stores)
  • com (online)
  • Meijer (online and in stores)

sometimes retailers have deals special stores that can give consumers a discount on these products. Check your local listings for the current sales or coupons applicable.

Contact cure

Although unable to contact the company about ordering products, representatives are still available to answer your questions about the products themselves. To speak with a representative, call 1-800-858-5953.

To keep up with the latest products, you can follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Following your diet, you can find information about new product launches, exclusive coupons, and more. Links to their pages are available on the website to launch rockets.


is quite difficult encourage children to eat healthy , but the Curate products make it easy to give them something that will enjoy the food. With organic food containing no additives than many other granola bars do, your son is reaping all the benefits that he or she could get after eating the same fruits in the produce section of the grocery store. The products are available in many places in stores at a fair price.

However, if you want to stay home instead, you can order from the participating retail website. Either way, these treats are available at a fair price in any of the participating locations, which makes it an easy choice to add to your shopping cart.

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