Crossed Eyes – How Can It Be Treated

Crossed Eyes - How Can It Be Treated

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squint occurs when the eyes are not able to align properly. cross eye, also known as strabismus in medical terms, occurs most often in children. This occurs when the brain and the eye muscles fail to communicate properly as a result of which slanted eyes. intermittent strabismus is common among infants under six months of age who suffer from frequent cross eye.

If left untreated the disease can be affected, gradually many other physical conditions such as double vision, frustration, headache, etc. Besides this, there is also a high risk of myopia in children suffering from strabismus.

Some common types include crossed eyes:

Exotropia -. different eyes abroad

Wide -. Mayor Squinting

Hypertropia – eyes diverge up


Esotropia – eyes turn inward


small angle -. There is a small misalignment of the eyes

Duane Syndrome – The patient has difficulty moving tangentially eyes



1. Family history -. If your parents or siblings have strabismus, which are more likely to suffer from the disease

2. Medical conditions -. may be at higher risk of developing strabismus, if you are suffering from some medical conditions such as Down syndrome or cerebral palsy

3. Refractive Error – An untreated can sometimes lead hyperopia strabismus



1. Visual Therapy

visual activities prescribed by your optometrist to improve eye coordination can help greatly. Vision therapy helps your eyes and brain that work together.

2. Surgery

Surgery changes the muscles around the eyes in order to make them appear aligned.

3. prism lenses

Prism can eliminate the rotation of the eyes. the light that enters the eye adjusts and reduces the amount of eye should turn in order to see the object.

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