Crops That Will Survive the Autumn

By Jackie Scrivanich, contributing writer

Healthy Lifestyles include growing your own food

for most people, when they decide to take control of your health and eat better, which often will re-plant and harvest their own food. It is not only healthy for you, but it is more or less free. The seeds are seeds of relatively cheap inheritance, even organic, and caring for your garden does not have that much work . The reward for their work is definitely worth it.

I remember the first year I decided cottages and get started growing vegetables, I would walk out every morning and just be filled with joy to see how. Zucchini was so I had to give them away. collection my garden was a daily thing. It was easy and rewarding.

This is my third year in gardening. Each year I learn new things and improve in being able to produce more homegrown food for my family. In the past, I used any seed sold in the local store of the plant. This year I investigated, and at the suggestion of a friend homesteading, bought organic heirloom seeds. I extended my garden a couple of feet and even had a successful gardener friend of mine I like to know my crops and where you should plant them to make the most of my space. This year was my most prepared and planned year. I was very excited about the harvest this year.

You would think that after all the planning that would be enjoying tomatoes and zucchini and many other crops for now, but no, that’s not the case. We are living a terrible drought. is causing local farmers to lose almost entire crops and local gardeners and farmers are coming up short on their crops.

My garden is kind of unfortunate at this time. Among the high temperatures and lack of rain, my plants are not producing. They are growing, but not much else is happening. I go out in the afternoon and most of the leaves are wilted. My romaine screwed this week, my spinach dead from the beginning, like my peas. The only crops that have been enjoying are kale, lettuce and radishes. I am grateful for these crops, but I was expecting a much bigger harvest. I even wanted to try my hand at storing some food to eat during the winter. At this rate, I’ll be lucky if I get any tomatoes throughout the year.

Instead of calling this year a wash, I decided to find out what plants I can plant now to get a crop before winter. Even if your garden is blooming, it might be time to add some seasonal crops that will succeed in the coldest weather.

When it comes to cool crops climate, which “grow best when daytime temperatures are in the 70s and low 80s and nights are in the 40s and 50s Once temperatures night begin to fall below freezing, most of the growth will stop, but you can continue to reap most fall vegetables as night temperatures do not dip into the teens “( Source ). is important to understand the time it takes a crop to reach maturity, and when the first frost is so you can ensure that plant their crops in time to be ready for harvest before the cold arrives.

Crops That Will Survive the Autumn

Crops survive the fall


Kale can continue to grow in cold temperatures and can survive up to about 20 ° C. It takes about 60 days to reach maturity.


This culture can survive a light frost. Spinach takes about 45 days to reach maturity.


Rutabagas can survive a light frost and takes about 75 days to reach maturity.


This crop can grow until the ground freezes, so in some climates, can grow throughout the year. Radishes take about 30 days to mature.


Lettuce is tough enough to survive a light frost and reaches maturity about 50 days after being planted.


This culture can survive a light frost. Reaches maturity around 40 days.


This plant leaves is known to survive a light frost and matures in about 55 days.


Beets can survive in the high 20s. They reach maturity in about 60 days.


This culture survives through a light frost and reaches maturity in about 70 days.


Similar to the way cauliflower, broccoli survive a light frost. Broccoli reaches maturity about 70 days after being planted.


Carrots continue to grow as long as the soil is not frozen. They take about 80 days to mature.

Onions and garlic

These crops take time to mature, but usually are planted in the fall and then harvested next year in late spring or early summer year.

While fall crops tend to be less great than their counterparts summer, which tend to be sweeter in flavor . This makes them attractive to many gardeners. Knowing when your frost happen will help determine which crops to plant and when to plant them. If you plant too early in the summer heat can cause your plants to bolt so be aware of that concern.

Another option: green manure

If planting crops for fall garden not appeal to you, there is another option that is very valuable to get your garden ready for next year. This option is to use a cover crop such as green manure “A cover crop is simply a large number of plants growing … and covering the soil surface which improves the soil. When the culture coverage is till on the floor, it is referred to as a green manure crop “( Source ).

green manure crops are excellent to protect their land from “the erosion of wind and water, remove weeds, fix atmospheric nitrogen, build soil structure and reduce pests insects “ ( Source ). There are many different options for use depending on where you live and what the goal you are trying to achieve. Some of the different crops that can be used for green manure are rye, oats, barley, peas, lentils, clover, alfalfa , and leaves brown mustard ( Source ).

I recommend that if you will not fall planting crops to plant some green manure to improve the soil in your garden. In the spring, about a month before deciding to plant, ensure that until the cover crop.

live and learn

Every year I garden, I learn something new. As I sit in the middle of a drought in a decade, I’m definitely thinking about what I need to make the best of my garden for the rest of the year. Fall crops are an option I’m thinking, but if the drought continues, I’ll be using green manure crops to ensure that my soil is in good shape for next year’s garden.

Do you plant any crop in the fall? If so, what are your favorites?

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