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Crank Sports is a company that creates resistance and energy supplementation with complex carbohydrates, in instead of sugar or caffeine.

What is Crank Sports?

When you are involved regularly with physical activities or sports, you need the right supplements to help support throughout each movement. Water can only moisturize, so you need a product with more nutrients to compensate for what is lost through sweat. Your autoresponder can be to get a water or a sports drink full of caffeine, but most of these drinks are high in sugar, which is not beneficial to your fitness goals . Instead, try one of the formulas through Crank Sports .

Crank Sports was originally established in the 2000s by Mike Mathewson, who is still the president of the company. Mike had competed as an endurance athlete for many years, and found that many of the supplements were not oriented strength athletes like him. He decided to pursue a way to solve the problem, and came up with the formulas for energy gels and drinks hydration, they were able to provide balanced nutrition necessary for athletes.

The company only has three objectives when service to its customers. These objectives are as follows:

  • To make the best products in the industry
  • teach athletes about proper nutrition during their events
  • To help athletes are the best in their own goals

Crank Sports products

All products are divided between two types of supplements – e-Gel and e-fuel. Both products have a variety of flavors and vitamins, but have completely different formats. To explore a little more about each of these products, read below.


This e-Gel is known for having much less sugar than the composition of other competitors in the industry of energy supplements. In fact, even with less sugar, this product adds four times the amount of sodium and twice the amount of potassium. These nutrients are essential for the nutrition of the muscles while working or simply running errands.

The company recommends that you take this gel with water to achieve the right balance of hydration, energy and electrolytes. The gel is only hypertonic, so you need to drink enough water to ensure that the formula is well absorbed, rather than overloading the digestive system. Avoid drinking the gel with a sports drink, as this drink will not dilute the gel properly, leading to an upset stomach.

The supplement e-Gel is low in sugar, which means you will not receive the same accident in which it is done with some coffee or energy drinks. Athletes need long-lasting energy , which can only come from a formula that does not contain a high amount of sugar.

The active ingredient is the most prevalent in this formula is maltodextrin, a carbohydrate derived from corn, sugar instead. Since it is a complex carbohydrate, energy is delivered at a healthy pace, which lasted more than the amount of time working or playing sports. Simple sugars do not have the same effect, eventually leading to an accident that inhibits their ability to exercise efficiently.

The use of e Gel

Crank Sports states that it is necessary to consume one or two packs of e-Gel for each hour of activity if you plan to endure. That means you need to consume 16-32 ounces of water at that time. Choose from one of these flavors in box of 24 packages $ 37.99 (list price):

  • Radical Raspberry
  • juicy watermelon
  • Vanilla Strawberry blow
  • Mountain Rush
  • Explosion Tropical
  • cherry Bomb


The supplement e-fuel is a product of the resistance, which has twice the amount of complex carbohydrates of e-Gel. Like e-Gel, this formula is higher than the yield strength of other supplements on the market for many reasons. Most of the energy obtained product comes from complex carbohydrates, like the e-Gel.

The only real difference between e-Gel and e-fuel appears that the e-fuel is a sports drink instead of a concentrated gel. No need to drink more water to compensate for the concentration, since it is already drinking a bottle of 24 ounces of water in the mixture.

The use of e fuel

The way the e-fuel supplement will depend on their level of activity in particular are consumed. If you are embarking on moderate to intense physical activity, you will have to go with the “standard mix”. The standard mixture requires adding three tablespoons of extra for a bottle of 24 oz. If you need more energy than it will need to add another half of a spoon to make your drink at the maximum of the energy mix.

choose one of these flavors into a pot of $ 26.99 (list price):

  • Citrus Slam
  • Mountain Rush
  • Radical raspberry
  • Explosion Tropical

Communication with Crank Sports

Communication with Crank Sports about their products is relatively easy because you can either send an inquiry by e-mail to the company in [email protected], or by filling out the form in the contact system online. The smartest option would be to fill out the form, as e-mails sent to this address can be caught in the spam filter.

If you want to call customer service, you can speak to a representative by calling (949) 248-2600.


Crank Sports puts all his energy into the creation of two specific products that can help with the problems of resistance that many athletes face today. Through education and example, Crank Sports is able to show the athletes the importance of proper nutrition before, doing, and after physical activity. A fair prices, you can stock your favorite flavors so that you are always ready for your next workout or game.

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