Cowgirl Creamery – Quality Artisan Organic Cheese?

Cowgirl Creamery is a company that produces cheeses from local farms, with the option to subscribe to its services . This is our opinion.

What is the Cowgirl Creamery?

Cowgirl Creamery has been one of the most innovative companies in regard to the production of fresh and ripe cheese. All the cheese comes from local dairy farms, helping to boost local economies, rather than large companies benefit. With the purchase of milk for cheese locally, you are able to get the freshest ingredients, which means a better tasting cheese you can find in the grocery store.

The company has been in business for two decades, many of them winning awards for their dedication to creating a safe organic product that is also full of flavor. All ingredients come from local suppliers and farms in northern California, Vermont and Wisconsin.

At this time, Cowgirl Creamery cheese is available in 500 stores across the country, including farmers markets, restaurants and independent shops. Nationally, the cheeses are sold at Whole Foods markets. However, to get the best deal, the most convenient option is to sort through a subscription plan, especially if you do not live near one of these specialty stores.

Cowgirl Creamery products

Cowgirl Creamery focuses on two types of cheese – aged and fresh. There is a limited amount of cheese produced Cowgirl Creamery, which is a good thing because it means that the chef and the founders can spend time taking care of these recipes, perfecting each batch.


There are eight different cheese over, which means they are available in a disc format.

Mt. Tam is a cheese that resembles a butter mixed with a small amount of white fungus.

Red Hawk is a strong and powerful cheese, which still has a soft texture and flavor when eaten.

Chimney Rock is an earthy flavor with a taste of orange blossom and apricot dominant.

Pierce Pt is a herbal cheese, which is also quite salty. St Pat is a soft cheese with a touch of flavor of the artichoke.


Devil has a sweet and spicy take, which is very creamy. Inverness has a creamy texture. However, it is quite tangy.

The final cured cheese is the cartwheel, which is soft and sweet.



At this time, Cowgirl Creamery only produces two types of cheese: fresh white cheese and cream. White cheese is a soft, silky texture, while fresh cream has a semi-sweet, almond flavor.

How Cowgirl Creamery cheeses are made

Women who created Cowgirl Creamery place high importance on making cheeses are sold properly, which means that the process is very complex and detailed. Even they describe each step of the way:

  1. The first ingredient is milk, which is mixed with the cream. As the two ingredients, which are mixed slowly pasteurized.
  2. Chefs cool the milk before adding crops and mold.
  3. is added

  4. rennet, a special enzyme, to bring together the milk mixture. The mixture slowly evolves into a curd.
  5. The curd is cut into cubes, and then rest to cool and form a thick skin around the cubes.
  6. The curd is stirred, releasing liquid whey. The curd is slowly stirred through a complex process, resulting in most of whey drained from the curd.
  7. The curd is collected and drained overnight.
  8. In the morning, the chef put the curd in a brine to enhance the flavor of the cheese. After this step, the cheese was aged for about two to three weeks.

How the subscription program work?

If you want to join this monthly cheese club, who are in great pleasure. The club allows you to receive a monthly shipment of fresh or aged cheese, all of which are controlled by the creators of this company.

The packaging is sent out on the third Wednesday of each month. If you select your order by 10 ap of the month, your selection will apply to the current month. If your request is submitted after 10 ap , your selection will apply the following month. You can choose from one of three months, six months or twelve month subscription.

The price of Cowgirl Creamery

individual cheese prices vary, depending on the type of cheese available. However, there are three different subscription programs, all of which have different prices.

La Vaquera Tres is a total cost of $ 225. Six cowgirl is a total of $ 375. Twelve Cowgirl is a total of $ 695.

There are discounts you can receive. For example, if you decide to become a club member, or the purchase of at least ten different collections of cheese, get a discount of 10% for the year.

The story of Cowgirl Creamery

Cowgirl Creamery cam to be when Sue and Peggie decided to launch Tomales Bay Foods, which was a vehicle that was used to help farms and dairies take their products chefs in the area. However, seeing a cheese making room in one of the places they visited, they decided to try and learn how to make cheese from local milk sources.

The original goal was to make organic cheese, fresh. The ladies hired a dairy scientist, who gave them the tools they needed to produce both hard and soft cheeses. The company offers a variety of cheeses, as indicated above. The company expanded into second place as its product line grew, which eventually resulted in many other places, which are found mainly in northern California, Vermont and Wisconsin.

Contact Cowgirl Creamery

If you want to order online, or have questions about your order, call (866) 433-7834. If you need to talk to someone, and it is after business hours, you can also email the company at [email protected]

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Any foodie will love to have a subscription to this program to try cheese specialties may not have tried before. Fortunately, you can get your cheese quickly if you are near one of the retailers selling that particular variation.

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