Could Banana Peel Ease Rash from Poison Oak?

Once spring arrives, small green buds begin to get into the woods and backyards all U.S. Some of them are a treat, but others may be less welcome. Poison ivy and poison oak both begin to appear around this time. It makes little sense to learn to recognize so they can be avoided. That could save stop a rash poison oak or poison ivy.

Finds gardener remedy to relieve poison oak rash

P am very allergic to poison ivy and both poison oak. After three days of painful, burning itching on the wrist of an encounter with a dry vine poison oak last Thursday, I read about using banana peel. I applied banana peel early this morning and now at 5:30 pm, my wrist is still fresh, comfortable and itch free!

All I did before using the banana peel was to wash my wrist with warm salt water and dry with a paper towel. I have contacted my gardening friends to let them know the wonderful banana peel remedy for poison oak rash.

No science supports this remedy:

A. we could not find any scientific research to support the use of banana peel in a rash of poison oak or ivy poisonous. However, we have heard from other readers that can be helpful.

There are also recommendations online to use the banana peel bark or cold watermelon to cool and soothe the rash. Maybe someday time we will learn why this treatment might help some people.

Experts agree the value of Washing:

If you are aware that he has been in contact with one of these plants, wash the skin immediately. This will help remove urushiol, an oil plant makes cause contact dermatitis in sensitive individuals. Soap and water is best, but alcohol wipes can be done in a hurry if you are out in the woods away from a shower. A cleaning product such as Zanfel or Tecnu can also be helpful. Do not forget the shoes and clothes can carry the irritating oil and should be treated with utmost caution until they can be washed or decontaminated.

What about Jewelweed?

People who prefer natural medicine often seek jewelweed, a type of wild impatiens. We used to be skeptical about this approach, but we recently found research supporting it ( Journal of Ethnopharmacology March 2015 ). Here again, plant identification is crucial.

is the mango is a problem?

Some people who are sensitive to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac develop a nasty rash when the skin of the mango fruit or juice ( Contact dermatitis [19459016exposed] January 2005 ). We do not know if there is any way to predict this, but it’s worth considering. Who develop a rash handle it may be necessary to prevent like avoid poison three.

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