Costco Joins a Host of Retailers Refusing to Sell GMO Salmon

Costco has just announced that it will become one of the largest sellers of organic products in the US, and also given Costco’s customers recently gathered in Seattle to deliver more than 50,000 signatures asking the company not to sell the GM salmon that have finally taken a position on GMO salmon.

said on Friday

Costco does not intend to sell genetically modified salmon at this time, joining a list of retailers who say they will not sell genetically modified salmon, despite approval Thursday by the Food and Drug Administration for the sale of such fish.

“Although the FDA has approved the sale of GM salmon, Costco did not sell and does not intend to sell the GM salmon at this time,” said store chain store in a statement on Friday.

The FDA approval for salmon sale AquAdvantage, the genetically modified fish that grows twice as fast as normal salmon, saying “there are no biologically relevant differences in the nutritional profile AquAdvantage salmon compared to other Atlantic salmon farmed. “

AquAdvantage salmon has been designed by the company based in Massachusetts AquaBounty, who said the fish could be in stores grocery in about two years.

applaud Costco as it joins retailers like Whole Foods, Trader Joe, Safeway and the decision to abandon the genetically modified product.


The Costco joins a variety of retailers refusing to sell salmon OMG he appeared for the first time in GlobalHealthyUnited .

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