Core Products – Legit Orthopedic Pain Relief Support?

Current statistics show that about 31 million Americans suffer from low to severe back pain at some point in their lifetime. In many cases, back pain tends to become a chronic problem. Back pain and other physical ailments of the species can be attributed to many factors, but the most significant cause among most people are poor support, either from materials wear everyday sleeping. Instead of fighting through the pain or the use of supplements do not help, the best alternative is to really invest in some quality therapeutic products that support your body properly.

Core Products International has made a name for itself in the industry therapeutic products.

About the International Commodities

Core Products International is a brand of therapeutic products that produces high quality articles that are comfortable to wear and carry. The product line provides your body with the continued support you need alleviate concern back, neck, and other forms of physical pain. While this therapeutic approach is not an alternative to visit your chiropractor, it is certainly a great way to ensure that in the middle of visits, all your body is getting the care they need to prevent further damage. Moreover, therapeutic products also work to relieve pain.

About the Manager commodity

Commodities is headed by its president, Phil. Over the years, Phil has grown exponentially mark. The most popular and well known product is the original holder pillow , the Tri-Core cervical pillow. The review will cover this product in a later section, but for now, the important thing is to know that this is more than a brand that offers therapeutic products, is one that works so well that now even medical professionals are recommending their products to their customers . Once a brand reaches this level of popularity, you know that your products are more than tricks; they are high quality items that are reliable and successful.

In commodities, the brand is a promise to its users, and its products are intended to “make life more comfortable.” By taking comfort in Core, you will notice a dramatic difference in the way your body feels, mobility and ability to use throughout the day. In most cases, users experience an extensive reduction in pain, discomfort and other problems that come along with debilitating back pain and physical .

Finding the right product

There are many wonderful features of the Core Products brand and its products, but can even buy something, you have to navigate through the website. The greatness of the website lies in its ability to make things really convenient for you. When browsing the site, you will realize that you can search by product type, store area of ​​pain, and even look through educational and clinical information. Accessibility and usability of the website to ensure that you receive a product that really suits your needs and what you want in a product of therapeutic support.

Now that the background of the brand has been covered, the following sections will touch the products should be-that the brand is particularly well known. And on a final note – all products are manufactured in the United States, thus complying with the standards of high quality and durability

The D-Core Cervical Pillow

The D-Core. cervical pillow is one of the most popular products offered by the brand. With this product, a broad support cervix and you get a good price. The product has a D-shared center, which ensures your head, lobe, and neck are fully supported. To adequately support these areas, you can achieve relief from tension headaches, fewer spasms in the neck, and even a reduction of the symptoms of arthritis and snoring . The product is made with 100% polyester.

Cold hot packs and

Core Products also features and variety of hot and Cold Packs Vinyl. Unlike most hot and cold compresses on the market, this particular type is designed with soft comfort brand dual mechanisms and comfort. This essentially means that as you use hot and cold packs, which is receiving specific strain relief extending for a total of 30 minutes. The packages are designed to also relieve soft tissue injuries.

lumbar support belts

The brand also offers numerous types of support belts. Because specializing primarily as a brand pain relief package, brand is more popular support belt is the belt lumbar support. There is also a variance of options available regarding this belt too. For example, you can get a stabilizer, a belt several corset a CorFit belt and the belt Canvasback, and the like. With a range of options available, you can ensure that you find a built to suit your needs system. All belts are made with appropriate support mechanisms, high-quality fabrics, and last long. In addition, the tapes are also designed in a way that gives specific support, exactly where it is needed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

There is nothing worse than buying a product and be disappointed. While there is a high likelihood that this will not happen when you make a purchase of commodities, the brand still has a satisfaction guarantee instead. All products come with a one year warranty against problems with materials or problems with labor. Note that the one-year warranty does not apply to all products; some products have longer warranties.

In addition, if you have a problem with any product, you can contact the brand. His line customer support is available to answer and address all your questions and concerns.


Generally, if you are looking for a high quality and reliable brand, offering products that support the back, neck and joints – then commodities is the same. the products are made with the best available labor is not a guarantee of quality in place, and the brand also has a large selection of products that can be purchased. Based on this information, try this brand is definitely worth it.

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