Copper Fit Tough Knees – Copper Infused Knee Brace

Copper Fit Tough knees is a support sleeve compression knee padded protection. Find out how – and if -. The sleeve works today in our opinion

What is copper Fit hard knees?

Copper Fit Tough knees is a compression sleeve designed to fit completely through his knee joint -. Similar to the original Copper Fit

The main difference with copper Fit knees difficult is that the sleeves come with two knee pads that are placed on the patella, allowing you to easily get protection quilted you need when she knelt at work.

Like the original suitable copper, copper Fit knees hard differ from standard compression sleeves because they are impregnated with copper. Copper manufacturers capable of challenging knees copper demand this helps to aid recovery while providing relief of muscle and joint pain .


Copper Fit knees Tough

Compression garments all work basically the same way: they provide additional support in the area, help your muscles recover faster . In this respect, copper Fit hard knees not be very different from other compression garments.

With this in mind, there are two key features that set copper Fit difficult knees apart from other compression garments, including copper and kneepads.

-Copper: copper manufacturers capable of hard knees really believe in the power of copper. Copper claim reduces odor buildup, which means that their compression garments do not stick together, even when you sweat in them. At the same time, state copper helps promote healing in the area -. Although it is unclear how

-Knee Pad: The pads have a thin gel pad to absorb shocks from hard surfaces, allowing you to play sports, kneeling in the garden or clean your home without any pain


Copper Fit Tough knees Materials

What’s really in compression sleeves? According to the FAQ section of the company, the sleeves are made of 82% polyester, 14% elastane jersey, fiber and 4% copper ions with “composition-high capillarity modacrylic fibers.”

The material also claims to be anti-static and anti-pilling, while the “natural properties of copper” help protect the garment of bacteria that cause odors and stains.

Copper Fit Tough pricing knees

Copper Fit hard knees are available in medium, large, extra large and XXL sizes. When asked, you will buy a pair of sleeves :. You can not just buy one

Each pair is priced at $ 19.99 + $ 6.99 S + H

The manufacturer claims that you can buy one, get one free through a sleeve limited time offer (ie, you pay $ 19.99 a pair), although this promotion seems to be always available.

All purchases come with a 30 day warranty warranty: You can contact the company for a refund at any point within 30 days, although they will not receive a refund of your S + H share $ 6.99


Copper knees are hard Fit is currently only available to order online through the official website, which accepts all credit cards through its secure online form.

must be used copper knees Fit difficult to relieve muscle and joint pain?

Copper Fit hard knees are marketed toward people who need Added support during physical activities . The sleeve specifically states to help when working out, running, walking, or standing for long periods of time -. Especially if you are often performing repetitive movements

The manga also claims to be effective for those who are inactive. If it is not moving much, the sleeve still helps promote circulation and support healthy muscle movement.

Although there is no evidence of the benefits of copper muscle support, compression sleeves are similar to most other compression garments that are online today price. Most of the comments seem to indicate that work as advertised -. Although not quite as powerful as the manufacturer claims

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