Cool Off Using Your Brain

Order Unisex Baby Bandana Bibs The heat of summer is a good time to explore the extreme temperatures and make some discoveries about the heat. Try any of these activities to start a discussion about how heat affects around us

Girl Summer -. Put the same amount of water in a dish in a shallow bowl, and in a glass. Record evaporation times – .. Put the same amount of water on three identical dishes, but with different temperatures and evaporation record time – Find out why the water cools us – and then see if ice cold water or warm water is a better choice! Different family members may have different preferences -. air temperature recording, and then blow a fan with a bowl of ice behind it. See the difference it makes -. Put a cold wet towel on different body parts (wrist, knee, neck, ankle) – what is best in what a person comfortable – alternative research techniques worldwide (wet sand, clay jars, bottles screwed on plywood) cooling and try some yourself -. Find out what cooking method increases the temperature in your home at least. For a bonus, try to make a solar oven a little box and aluminum foil!

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