Consumer Report Shows There is Fecal Matter in US Beef

In a disturbing discovery, a recent consumer report shows that there is fecal matter on US beef. This means that we are potentially eating stool. That’s not a happy idea.

The report is considered almost 500 pounds of meat purchased in grocery stores. One fifth of the meat tested positive for C. perfringens, which is responsible for the disease in around one million people a year bacteria. Another one-tenth of the meat was positive for a strain s.aureas, a bacterium that is not killed during cooking.


Salmonella present in beef studied

One percent of the 458 pounds tested for meat Consumer Report showed signs of salmonella, which causes serious illness. While one percent may not seem like much, it could consider more than 4.6 million pounds of beef were bought in US grocery stores last year. One percent of that number is a little scarier if it means salmonella was present.

Cattle sustainably lifted had fewer bacteria

Cattle raised conventionally had a higher incidence of bacteria, compared to those cattle raised sustainably or organic farms. antibiotic resistant bacteria are found in around 18% of the beef raised conventionally, compared with only 9% of those raised sustainably.

This lends itself to an argument to raise more meat in a way that is not only more humane, but also ends in less of a risk to people who eat beef. Therefore, the argument is strongly influenced towards increasing sustainable utilization raised cattle.

Meanwhile, the meat industry cry in heaven. They argue that the product is continuously made safer. Meanwhlie note that E. coli cases are reported, as are the cases of food poisoning. To avoid becoming a statistic, consider buying only organic meat, grass fed.

In addition, to kill bacteria, be sure to cook ground beef to 160 degrees. For leftovers, try to cook at 165 degrees, since bacteria have time to grow when left sitting out for a period of time.

The use of organic meat has been a dispute for a long time in the making. It has managed to maintain a balance in the market but has not yet gained overwhelming popularity.

The fact that beef raised conventionally not only has more bacteria present when shipped to stores, but also carries the most resistant bacteria to antibiotics due to treatment of cows with antibiotics, while they are being raised, it can be a big boost in the direction of more organic beef meat and less conventionally raised for the markets. People may be interested in changing his mind once his health became very directly at risk by what they buy.

Choosing the right foods for your family goes beyond calories and health. Instead, we must also consider the use of pesticides for fruit and vegetables and how now cow raised in that you are able to give your family less bacteria and therefore more likely to stay healthy. Therefore, considering only the label when shopping.

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