Consume This Ingredient If You Want To Be Slim

Nutritionists recommend eating turnips if you want to have a sense of satiety, and therefore maintain a thin waist.

turnip is a typical vegetable of season, if not produced in greenhouses, unlike other vegetables, will be in the market for a relatively short period of time. This means that there is a possibility that the turnip that are on the market throughout the year. There are several types of turnip. It may be small in growth or quite large, weighing up to several pounds. The tastiest turnips are those that are juicy and not kind of bad taste. Turnips with purple are tastier compared to those with light green. the flavor of this plant is very similar to the piece of cabbage. The stem vegetable fat and leaves (when young) are the edible parts. stem turnips’ may be ball shaped or elongated, in the form of an egg.

This is especially healthy, low calorie vegetable is rich in fiber, which provides satiety which will last a long time. also it speeds up your metabolism, thus stimulating and improving the process of digestion, which will help in the fight against excess weight loss.

Nabo contains lots of water, 100 grams of turnip reported cleaned about 22 kilocalories in the body.

Out of all the nutrients, turnip contains the highest amount of carbohydrates (4.5%), low protein (1.9%) and very low fat (0.1%). It is also a great source of vitamin C (62 mg in 100 grams of turnip), and thanks to this, the immune system is strengthened, neutralizes the effects of free radical damage and slows the aging process. Nabo also has a lot of minerals, calcium (mostly), but also rich in copper, iron, chromium, manganese and nickel.

affects the cardiovascular system very positively and is able to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Since this plant can stabilize the level of blood sugar, it is highly recommended in case of suffering or hypoglycemia and / or diabetes.

Thanks to vitamin C, which stimulates and improves and absorption of iron in the body, responsible for supplying the blood with oxygen, which helps in the process recovery and strengthens the overall health and the body itself.

By regular consumption of turnip you will be able to reduce the risk of kidney stones, and thanks to calcium, it can also successfully reduce and standardize high blood pressure.

Nabo can also help when it comes to preventing the onset of colon cancer and that positively affects the overall health of bones, teeth and the gums.


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