CONNECT YOUR THUMB with the little finger: If you can see this tendon, it means something very special!


People in her! havr present form existed for 200,000 years. Before that, a long time and a lot of rvolutionary steps it took to get where we are today.

Evidence from this continuous development stil can be seen in some people today because they left some marks in the United States, which are much more than body hair. Even today, you can still rudiments od FINF called human beings.

Here are the most interesting examples:

  1. The tendon in the wrist

Put your hand with the palm up then connect the little finger and thumb together while raising fist. Some people will see a tendon pop out, while others will not. The reason for this is the palmar longus tendon muscle, located between the upper arm and wrist. The movements of the wrist muscles are no longer needed, so a large portion of the world population does not have the tendon. Except visually, this muscle does not have any effect on our strength.

  1. The pink dot in the corner of your eye

Have you ever wondered what the point of pink in the corner does your eye? Nothing now, but it was our third eyelid in the past. We arrived tabs to protect our eyes, a function performed by the third eyelid in the past.

  1. moving ears

moving galgantillas is considered as a fun trick, but in the past had an important role. People shook their ears to locate sounds and recognize danger, similar to how dogs and cats react to certain sounds.

  1. wisdom teeth

probably had to remove a wisdom tooth at some point in their life, because it is completely unnecessary. However, in the past, this tooth had a chewing function as people often ate base. As the food lighter and softer turned our jaw was reduced in size and the wisdom tooth lost its function.

  1. Getting goose

Have you ever wondered why sometimes we have goosebumps? Well, this is a rudimentary function of the body to the left of the days when they were actually covered with hair. When our hairs stand up in a potentially dangerous situation, you look bigger and more dangerous to attackers -. Well, at least we did in the past




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