Common Disciplinary Mistakes on Parenting

A child is a gift from God and it is our duty to ensure this gift and let flourish. Although parents have a deep affection and love for their children, however, in the stressful life of today, are on the losing side, because sometimes under mental pressure of his day to day life, their behavior towards their tracking down children and develops communication gap. Most parents feel that there are many things to learn to be good parents. In the utopian world, it is believed to be superheroes parents having flexibility, energy and patience beyond the limit. But as we know, it is perfection itself abnormality and none is perfect. Therefore, one must have a wide variety of practical and try to avoid some mistakes when you are in the process of making disciplined a child.

Common Disciplinary Mistakes on Parenting

Some of the common errors of discipline that parents do are

continues rebuking

parents sometimes kept yelling at their children when they find them difficult to control. In this way parents simply vent their frustration. But it is no use because children, with the passage of time, learn to deal with these “usual yellers”. For these types of parents; The alternative to this cry does not mean anything until the cholera is under control, because most children behave the way cool when asked calm and reasonable.

PRESSING is another mistake that parents still do. They do not want their children mad to keep constantly asking if they do this or that. The alternative to this behavior is only making firm order to do or not do and if not heard, give them some small punishment as no television for some time.

lecturing and giving advice

Giving a lecture is only a monologue and it does not involve interaction with the public. A child who is unable to keep pace with the class in performing the task, teaching has no effect on their mentality. The same advice just as also an action that usually falls on deaf ears. These are strenuous exercises that yield no results. But if parents try to take the place of the children who could understand and therefore handle the problem.

The shame and belittle

Parents sometimes oddly behave the way they make their children feel inadequate and smaller. This is a grave error and parents should keep themselves from this type of behavior.

Physical punishment and coercion

A child can never be disciplined by physical force and coercion. This type of behavior are only useful in creating rebellious attitude in a child. Try to talk with your child to help you understand exactly where what is your problem.

Each child is unique

Always bear in mind that each child is unique and behave accordingly. Do not compare your child with others. There may be something in the son or daughter that your child does not have a similar way, but his son also has some qualities that your child is not your neighbor.

The imposition of excessive guilt

One has to be careful that the behavior does not make conscious guilt one child. Do not overdo any matter. Children are very sensitive and this child would be guilty sensitive aware of what leads to depression.

not too expected

treat the child as a child, not an adult and not overstretch their limits. Give him / her your own space and let them make their own decisions. This makes them feel good and develop a strong bond between the two.

be a model

A child is always following the footsteps of their parents, so be a role model. Doing nothing will not see your child doing as smoking, drinking, using wrong words etc. Children tend to follow their parents and may unknowingly take your child in the wrong direction.

Here are some common mistakes that parents should consider.

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