Common Digestive Problems in Infants

To deal with digestive problems baby, you need to first understand properly. Building constipation and gas are common digestive problems in infants. Read on to learn more about common digestive problems in infants.

Common Digestive Problems in Infants

immature digestive system is the leading cause of babies suffering from digestive problems. digestive problems baby is not serious and usually resolve itself over time.

Some rare cases of problems in the digestive system of a baby may require medical intervention. Therefore it is important to understand and differentiate between normal ups saliva, gas, diarrhea and digestive problems serious baby.

digestive problems in infants

Here are some common digestive problems that children suffer of

regurgitation or reflux

Normally all babies spit a bit immediately after Food. Parents do not have to be worried about your baby spits. Some babies may vomit more than others. For Spitting accompanied by visible pain in the baby or the baby becomes extremely uncomfortable after vomiting it is best to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility that the child suffering from acid reflux.

In formula-fed babies reflux is often caused due to a particular brand of formula that the baby may find it difficult to digest. In such cases, it may be useful for the transition to a different brand of formula milk can fit the baby.


Constipation is another digestive problems baby is very common. Constipation is common in babies when they are switching from breast milk to formula milk.

is important to understand that approval of rare stool is not a sign of constipation. Only if a baby is passing hard, dry stools or are experiencing pain while passing stools is a clear indication of constipation. The need to consult a doctor only occur in a baby has not been able to pass stools for more than 3 days.

vomiting or diarrhea

Vomiting or diarrhea is a sign of viral infection. If this is not frequent, excessive or painful it is not a major cause for concern. The best way to treat vomiting and diarrhea is to keep the baby well hydrated. Even if the baby is still spewing it is best to continue giving fluids. If vomiting or diarrhea is accompanied by fever or fatigue it is necessary to consult a health care professional.

Excess gas accumulates in infants

Babies tend to swallow a lot of gas while it feeds. Since babies have immature digestive system will not be able to get rid of it or remove trapped air naturally. A number of home remedies are effective to get rid of trapped air in the stomach of a baby. These include massage of the abdomen or bi-cycling baby’s legs. If the problem persists despite the use of this type of home remedies that may require medical intervention.

Baby digestive problems are very common and are fairly easy to treat. Fortunately digestive disorders are rare serious in babies. A weak and immature digestive system is the primary cause of most children with digestive problems.

New parents may have to deal with various types of digestive problems in a baby. Keep a close watch and looking at the signs that indicate a digestive problem can go a long way in eliminating the problem quickly and easily. If baby digestive problems persists for a long period of time or if a child is in pain parents should immediately consult a doctor.

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