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the color of urine depends on the processes occurring in our body and is often the first alarm that something is wrong with our health. So as you can guess, at least for yourself what kind of health problem is in question before going to your doctor.

  • colorless, almost transparent

is likely to drink plenty of fluids, probably more than it should. It would be good if a little fluid intake is low.

This indicates that a healthy person, which means you have a well hydrated and hormonally balanced body.

This urine color means that everything is normal – so do not worry, all is well with their health

Normally, you should not panic.. However, drinking more water and fluids so that the border is not crossed.

You’re probably before dehydration and your body desperately needs water. Immediately drink one or two glasses.

This could indicate liver problems or severe dehydration. Drinking 2 liters of water a day, and if you do not see a change in color, see your doctor.

Do not worry if you have eaten beets or blueberries. pink urine indicates the blood that does not have to mean that it is necessarily dangerous, if you had sex recently or are before menstruation. However, blood in the urine also indicates a problem with the kidneys. Going to the doctor anyway.

probably do not consume enough water, or have liver problems or bile.

A rare genetic disorder causes the green or blue urine. Moreover, some bacteria could cause coloration. Perhaps the drug cause too. However, do not wait too long before seeing a doctor.

If it occurs occasionally, it is a harmless phenomenon, but if it happens more often, this may mean that you are eating too much protein or have kidney problems. See a doctor if it lasts for longer periods.


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