Cologuard Test – Home Colon Cancer Screening Kit

Test Cologuard is a screening test for colon cancer can be used in your own bathroom . See how it works today Cologuard in our opinion.

What is a Cologuard test?

Test Cologuard is a screening test for colon cancer Medicare-covered. The test system was approved by the FDA in August 2014 and is now available in all 50 states.

Like traditional screening tests for colon cancer, Cologuard scans for colorectal cancer (CRC) by analysis of a stool sample. You order one through your doctor Cologuard test (only available with a prescription), and place a stool sample in the box before sending it to the laboratory of Sciences.

Before obtaining FDA approval Cologuard underwent a study involving 10,000 average-risk, asymptomatic in 90 centers in the United States and Canada patients. The study examined the accuracy of Cologuard and other fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) against traditional colonoscopies.

At the end of the test, Cologuard was revealed for the detection of CRC as effectively as a colonoscopy, delivering accurate detection rate of 92.3% of the total.

How Cologuard work?

Cologuard works by testing changes in specific tumor DNA, including aberrantly methylated and NDRG4 BMP3, a mutant form of KRAS, beta-actin, and hemoglobin.

Due to its high level of accuracy, Cologuard can be used every three years. Usually CRC fecal tests should be conducted annually.

In the study mentioned earlier, Cologuard had an overall detection rate of 92.3% and the detection rate of 94% for the initial and most curable stages of cancer -. That is a success rate similar to what we see with a colonoscopy

How exactly detect Cologuard stool your risk of cancer?

Well, every day, the lining of the colon naturally sheds cells. These cells end up in your stool. The Cologuard stool samples study to detect these abnormal cells.

creators Cologuard technology described as “DNA technology advanced stool” which is “high levels of DNA and / or hemoglobin altered in these abnormal cells.”

Using the kit Cologuard

Using the Cologuard kit is as easy as the deposit of a sample of stool in the Cologuard box and then send it to the laboratory of Sciences through UPS shipping prepay or pick-up. exact sciences will then forward the test results to your doctor.

Exact Sciences says that will return the test results within two weeks of receiving your sample laboratory.

How to Order Cologuard

Cologuard is available only by prescription. You have to ask through your doctor. On the official website Cologuard, you can download an order form to give to your doctor.

Exact Sciences recommends discuss the procedure with your primary care physician, nurse practitioner or other health professional as part of a regular appointment welfare.

Cologuard can not be bought without a prescription. It is, however, available in all states and US territories. The only other country with projections Cologuard is the UK, where Cologuard is available throughout the country.

Cologuard pricing

Cologuard is priced at a cost out of pocket of $ 649 maximum. Medicare covers the cost of the test for all eligible patients.

Most private insurances do not cover Cologuard at this time. Exact Sciences says he is “trying to Cologuard included in private insurance coverage as soon as possible.”

In other words, if you are not in Medicare , then you should expect to pay about $ 649 full price in most private insurance.

About Exact Sciences

Exact Sciences is a medical company publicly traded in NASDAQ- (TEXAS). Company About Us ( ) describes the page that is “committed to play a role in the eradication of colorectal cancer.”

The company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, at the following address:

441 Charmany Drive
Madison, WI 53719

You can contact the company by phone at 1-844-870-8870 or by using the contact information listed on their website.

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