CogniYouth – Overpriced & Under-Powered Nootropic

CogniYouth is a formula nootropic recently released that promises to provide all natural helps the brain to help you feel more intelligent. Here is our opinion CogniYouth.

What is CogniYouth?

CogniYouth is a new nootropic supplement sold online in The supplement contains 10 ingredients and is manufactured in the United States.

By taking two capsules of CogniYouth per day, you can enjoy the following benefits (by manufacturer):

– Better Brain Health
– Best Memory
– better concentration
increased levels of mental energy
– a greater sense of well-being

the list of ingredients is most of the same ingredients that you find nootropics other formulas. These include gingko biloba ingredients and Bacopa monnieri, among other popular items. There are also B vitamins -. Similar to vitamins B complex would be found in an energy drink

CogniYouth is made by an American company based in Marina Del Ray, California. All products are assembled in the United States in a GMP complaint.

You can currently only CogniYouth order through a free trial. This free trial lasts 10 days and costs $ 4.99, even though your credit card is automatically charged $ 59.99 if you do not return the fee within 10 days.

How does CogniYouth work?

CogniYouth claims to work using a mixture of 10 different ingredients.

Ingredients include the following characteristics:

Ginkgo Biloba . Promotes blood flow to the brain

Bacopa monnieri :. Herbal compound that can enhance cognition and memory, according to some studies

– Acetyl L-Carnitine: amino acid involved in energy production in the body. mitochondrial activity is increased, which increases the energy in cells throughout the body and brain.

Huperzine A :. Huperzine A promotes cognition by inhibiting the mechanisms of an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, which is the key neurotransmitter involved in memory formation

Rhodiola rosea :. Scandinavian herbal extract that has been shown in some studies to relieve stress on the body

– choline bitartrate :. natural precursor of acetylcholine, which is the key memory formation of neurotransmitters in the body

DMAE bitartrate : increases levels of acetylcholine and works with choline bitartrate

-. phosphatidylserine :. A phospholipid plays a key role in cognitive function while decreasing cognitive impairment

– Vitamin B6 and B12 :. Water-soluble vitamins that increase energy throughout the body

CogniYouth Ingredients

CogniYouth Ingredients

The manufacturer CogniYouth lists your full card on the Internet ingredients, and none of the ingredients are hidden behind proprietary formulas. That’s actually surprisingly rare in the world nootropics, where manufacturers often hide in low doses patented extracts. Here is the complete list of ingredients:

Generally, the ingredients are relatively weak CogniYouth. Typically, users will nootropics 550-3000 mg daily choline bitartrate, for example. In fact, the FDA recommended the hill amount is 325 mg per day for women and 550 mg per day for men. That makes the dose of two capsules of 200 mg of choline bitartrate in CogniYouth seems relatively weak.

Other ingredients such as extract of Bacopa monnieri, are also relatively weak. reports that the standard dose is 300 mg Bacopa monnieri, which is the same amount included in CogniYouth. However, the recommended dose assumes total content Bacoside 55%, while the formula CogniYouth includes content only 20% bacosides.

Based on the weak ingredients, it is unlikely that CogniYouth will have a significant or measurable impact on cognitive performance. The formula contains less than standard substantially all doses listed ingredients.

CogniYouth pricing

CogniYouth is available exclusively online through You will not find on Amazon or in local stores supplements.

On the official website, you will see ads for an offer of “free trial” of CogniYouth, or “risk-free trial to 10 days.” That trial is not really free, but it is advertised as free. This is how it really works and how much it actually will cost:

– You pay $ 4.99 for the test today. Within three to five business days, you will receive a bottle full size (60 capsules) of CogniYouth delivered to your address.

– You have 14 days from the date the order of your trial to test the product. These 14 days are the days when the supplement is in transit to your address.

-. 14 days after the request was made free trial, your credit card is charged $ 59.99 for full-size package CogniYouth already ordered

-. After your credit card fee $ 59.99 you’re automatically subscribed to the program CogniYouth automatic delivery, which provides a supplement to full size to your address of each month at a price of $ 59.99 + $ 4.99 Shipping

will be charged

This information is hidden in the small print at the bottom of the order form CogniYouth, so the manufacturer is not being exactly honest with your policy. Few people expect to see more than $ 100 in charges appear on your credit card within 30 days of ordering a trial $ 5 “free” online, but that’s exactly how it works CogniYouth.

Who does CogniYouth?

CogniYouth is made by a company called himself – appropriately – That company lists its address as follows:

3007 W. Washington Blvd., Suite 225
Marina Del Ray, California 90292.

can get in contact the company by email or by phone at 855-511-1322 or [email protected] The company claims to manufacture all its supplements in the United States in a FDA registered facility – although not list where is this facility

Ultimately, CogniYouth is another nootropic supplement that is too expensive and underpowered. Its ingredients are all below the minimum recommended doses based on scientific studies conducted to date. However, the supplement is priced at a whopping $ 60 per bottle, or $ 1 per pill, which is based on an autoship program shaded to increase their income. For all these reasons, it is a supplement CogniYouth nootropic that is likely to affect your bank account more of your brain.

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