CogniShield – Potent Nootropic Brain Defender Formula?

CogniShield is a nutritional supplement that claims it can help you “re Alzheimer’s disease” . Does this supplement actually works to treat Alzheimer’s disease? Let’s take a closer look.

What is CogniShield?

CogniShield is a nutritional supplement that contains four ingredients, including piracetam, choline, L-theanine, and noopept. These ingredients claim to help you “becomes from Alzheimer’s.” In fact, the creator of CogniShield claims that these ingredients are used successfully by his father to “return of Alzheimer’s disease.”

As you probably know, there is no known cure Alzheimer’s disease, and tell people you can treat Alzheimer’s disease is a half way to give them false hopes. CogniShield stops just before calling himself a cure for Alzheimer’s disease (which would be illegal under the law FDA), but tell people that can help them “return of Alzheimer’s disease “is a lot like saying that there is a cure.

So the real deal is CogniShield? Or is it just another low-dose Nootropic price of a premium rate?

The story behind CogniShield

CogniShield, like many dietary supplements sold online, comes with a history of entertaining background.

The creator of CogniShield states that part of the formula of the supplement was “created by a secret team of Soviet scientists during the Cold War”, which was designed to give people the “superhuman” mental capacity including flawless memory, intense focus, and “full alert”.

Indeed, that ingredient says “unlock the other 90% of the brain that most humans never have access to” (despite the fact that this statistic as repeated is totally a myth).

so what are those ingredients?

How CogniShield work?

the four ingredients in CogniShield are well known nootropic ingredients, including:

These ingredients are arguably the four most popular on the market nootropic ingredients today are all well studied and its benefits have been reinforced in numerous trials. clinicians. You can find used safely in tens of nootropic supplements sold online today.

Together, these ingredients promise boost their approach , improve memory and improve your general knowledge.

Clinical trials (unrealized CogniShield), these compounds have all had moderate effects on the brain. However, CogniShield makes absurd claims about the benefits of the supplement, as you will be able to “learn things 10 times faster than before” and be able to “read data or information only once, and remember completely . “

did not cite a source for any of these claims. CogniShield not seem to have gone through a clinical study of its own. There is also absolutely no evidence that the above ingredients can help “turns from Alzheimer” (although some of the ingredients have been shown to slow the progression of the disease.

We are skeptical. Let’s take a look at the dosage of the ingredients in CogniShield.

CogniShield ingredients

CogniShield says its four ingredients are “perfectly dosed for optimal recommended to serve”. its four ingredients listed include piracetam, noopept , Hill, and L-theanine, all of which are proven nootropic ingredients backed by a lot of science.

Unfortunately, CogniShield never really tells us the dose of any of these ingredients. nowhere in their website, product packaging, or copying of online sales do not mention nothing on the dose of these ingredients.

That’s a huge red flag.

The problem is that CogniShield cites studies where scientists have used precise doses of the hill to improve memory in people. We know that those doses of choline, and we know work at that dose. However, we do not know the dose CogniShield, and therefore do not know whether it works.

Usually, when a manufacturer does not list their doses, it means they are trying to fool with selling an expensive supplement to a ridiculously small doses. I’m not saying that’s definitely the case with CogniShield, but all signs point to it.

Nor do we know if CogniShield contains only four ingredients listed above, or if there are other ingredients included in the supplement. For all we know, there is a large dose of caffeine in each pill -. That is something we have seen in other nootropics

price CogniShield

CogniShield is available exclusively online through, where it is priced at $ 69 for a bottle.

This is a relatively high price for a one-month supply of a nootropic -. Especially one with no ingredient doses in the

The only good thing I can say about CogniShield is that it does not come with mandatory subscription auto shipping. Your purchase $ 69 is a one-time purchase.

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. CogniShield manufacturers claim it is not necessary to this bottle to get this rebate.

Who does CogniShield?

CogniShield claims made in the United States in a FDA registered facility. The ingredients are also tested and verified by a third party laboratory with GMP certification.

Apart from that, CogniShield never gives us much information about itself. There is a contact form can be found here: [] – but that’s all. You can also send an email to [email protected] or call 1-844-862-6464.

CogniShield buying, buying appears on your credit card or HLHProducts ShopHLH. There is little relevant information on any name available online.

CogniShield must be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease?

CogniShield practically claims it can cure Alzheimer – something no known drug can do. The supplement is clearly aimed at those who have heard of nootropics, but knows absolutely nothing about nootropics work or what they do.

Therefore CogniShield makes bold claims as “3X formula nootropic force” without actually list their doses. Instead, only four ingredients (there could be more), which are “perfectly dosed” says it is listed, and are expected to believe them.

CogniShield has never undergone any clinical trials or has been studied by any independent testing group.

Ultimately, for all these reasons, there is little reason to buy CogniShield used as a nootropic formula. The only good thing is we have to say about CogniShield is that it is a refund policy of 60 days and it is not necessary to return the bottle. In addition, there is no automatic sending subscription (which is only a one-time $ 69 fee). Other than that, it’s a proven formula CogniShield nootropic not making bold claims, unfounded on their health benefits.

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