Coffee Blocks – Infused Butter Coffee & Coconut Oil?

Mornings are the worst. So many people have difficulty getting up in the morning, trying to get presentable for the day while breaking through a fog of exhaustion. Because mornings are so difficult, many people turn to energy boosters to give them a boost in the day. Unfortunately, many of these foods and beverages are filled with sugars and carbohydrates that are not good for the body and actually cause energy slumps later in the day.

Coffee is a favorite beverage in the morning. Not only taste delicious, but gives drinkers the energy they need to get their day started. The problem is, coffee purchased in stores are often expensive and full of sugars. And for some reason, the coffee brewed at home do not know so well and always needs to be done properly. However, despite these crashes, coffee remains one of the most popular morning in the country drinks, even replacing real breakfast in the morning.

coffee blocks they took the idea of ​​a cup of coffee and decided to make it healthier and more filling. By using the concept of coffee butter has become so popular in recent years, coffee Blocks was able to create a mixture of ingredients that give users the power they need in the morning, but also prevent the feeling satiety throughout the day. Not only are coffee blocks the alternative perfect breakfast, but the amazing health benefits that come with the use of this drink on regular coffee or other options make it the perfect sustenance morning.

What are the blocks of coffee?

coffee blocks are an all in one coffee blends butter. In order to offer those who have joined the fashion of butter coffee recent years, the blocks coffee was designed to give its users an easier to use way healthy to regular coffee butter alternative. The aim of the blocks of coffee was to make life a little easier in the morning and in combination with the amazing health benefits, keep users activated through their busy days.

Blocks coffee began in Los Angeles, although it is made in New England. What makes coffee so unique blocks is that it was created by necessity. The creators of the blocks of coffee, lived assets stressful lives and need some morning to give them a natural and healthy energy boost. In order to create a functional beverage that was perfect for any lifestyle, the creators of the center blocks designed a drink that had the benefits of coffee butter, but with increased health benefits.

For those who have difficulty getting up in the morning and want a healthier alternative to your cup of coffee, coffee Blocks alternative is the ideal alternative. Not only come as an instant mix, but it has several health benefits, while giving the extra boost of energy users have to stay focused and driven in the morning.

Advantages of coffee blocks

One of the greatest benefits of coffee blocks is that they are so extremely easy to use. When people are trying to get ready in the morning, or are too busy or too tired to focus on getting a healthy meal on the table. However, with blocks of coffee, all they need do is pour hot water over coffee blocks and you’ll be good to go.

Besides being extremely easy to use, coffee blocks are also much healthier than other breakfast options. So many of the foods and drinks that people have for breakfast these days are full of sugars and other preservatives that make the body more harm than good. While there are healthy breakfast options, these usually take more time and money than the average person wants to spend. With coffee blocks, users are able to start their day with healthy fats that the body needs to fight. Not only do these fats help energize users, but also keep them full throughout the day.

There are two ways that the body creates energy. Or you can burn fat, which is the preferable method, or you can burn sugar. Although both methods result in the body’s energy getting those who are trying to stay healthy or lose weight want the body burn fat. Mornings are the best time for the body to burn this fat because it has fasted overnight and is ready and raring to go. Most people will break this fast in the morning with a meal rich in sugars and carbohydrates, which causes the body to start recording these sugars for energy. With coffee blocks, the body will continue to burn fat to create energy. This results in one of the blocks most surprising benefits coffee :. Weight loss

Finally, the ultimate benefit of coffee blocks is that they are very affordable. Because these instant coffee drinks butter function as both a breakfast and coffee in the morning, users are spending less money by combining two of these expenses into one. Not only users of the blocks to be drinking coffee, healthy breakfast easier, but they will do for less money than they spent on their regular breakfast.

How Blocks Coffee Works

The key to how the blocks of coffee at work is fed with grass, ghee. While some may turn their noses into place butter in coffee, the truth is that butter is the same thing as heavy cream, which has only been beaten more.

The butter used in Blocks coffee is extremely high in certain nutrients and vitamins, including vitamins A and K2, as well as CLA and Omega-3 fatty acids. Grass fed, clarified butter is considered a good fat and can help in optimizing cholesterol, promoting the construction of healthy cell walls. Not only the amazing nutrients in this health butter helps support cell, which also support the hormones, calcium absorption, and reduce inflammation in the body . In addition, research has found that this butter helps support healthy weight loss .

By mixing with coffee butter found in coffee blocks, the incredible benefits that come from butter amplified. Coffee functions as a natural support for these benefits, allowing users to get more than your daily cup of coffee, both energy and disease. In addition to increasing the impact of butter, coffee has been found to release some bile in the liver that aids in digestion of fats, giving users the power boost they need to make it through the day.

Not all health benefits found in blocks coffee comes from coffee and butter. Coffee blocks also include organic coconut oil, which is ideal for promoting heart and brain function and support immune health. Coconut oil is found in coffee blocks is also able to help regulate hormones and levels of blood sugar, while burning calories and curb cravings.

The ingredients of coffee blocks

The best part of the coffee blocks that do not contain much. In fact, coffee is proud blocks that only contain ingredients that normal people can pronounce. Because of this focus on quality, healthy ingredients, there are only five things found in each serving of coffee blocks. These components are:

  • clarified butter from grass-fed cows
  • Organic Virgin Coconut oil
  • Organic Yolk
  • Organic Vanilla
  • Coffee

These ingredients work together to provide users the power they need in the morning, all while keeping them feeling full for all day.

buy coffee blocks

because the blocks coffee are individually wrapped for convenience, each box of blocks coffee sold contains a certain amount, which is also the number of servings in each box . The different quantities available for purchase in the coffee Blocks ( website, as well as their prices are presented.

  • 8 coffee Blocks – $ 23.95
  • 16 streets coffee – $ 47.90
  • 24 blocks coffee – $ 71.85
  • 32 Blocks coffee – $ 95.80
  • 64 blocks coffee – $ 191.60

and, since the blocks coffee work as much as a drink and breakfast in the morning, users are thus receiving low prices listed above.

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