The Plagues

they have not disappeared 3,000 known types of cockroaches in the world. However, only four species are generally known as pests. They are:

The German cockroach (Blatella germanica), the most common
The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana)
The cockroach brown bands
The oriental cockroach .
What you are dealing with?

Knowing exactly what kind of cockroach’re dealing with will make your fight against them much less difficult. Different types have different preferences for food and so on. The easiest way to see what you are dealing with is the use of a trap queue monitor, similar to this Catchmaster Glue Trap / Monitor, capture some of these.

Once you’ve caught several, simply get the monitor and inspect cockroaches. Use the information on this website for identification based on their physical characteristics. There is no easier way to determine exactly what kind of cockroaches that are dealing with
why they are bothering

These pests prefer to live inside humans .; where heat, refuge inside the elements is provided and contains easy access to food and water. If they are readily available, they invade our homes and multiply rapidly to an almost unmanageable number. They eat our food in the exercise of germs that threaten our well-being.
What works best for me

There are many many ways to get rid of them and find all the different methods with detailed information on the following items. However, I’ll give you a quick list of what has given me the best results so far.

Cyper WP. He is a murderer and then contact for making contact with any cockroach could die in a few moments. While DemonWP is my own time favorite, Cyper WP is just so powerful and charges a lesser amount in the long term (20 to overcome the treatments in the bucket vs just 1 treatment in the package). Mix with water and spray it in appropriate locations using a sprayer similar confidence to this Smith 1 gallon sprayer.
Boric acid. Lightly dust boric acid powder while the powder is used B & G-R works great if you have patience with this to start working. It adheres by its contact legs to cause the destruction of their protective exoskeleton. It gets better though. When they cleaned after contact, but will also poison them within the inside. You can even mix with a little sugar and water to make a very powerful DIY bait.
cockroaches Advion gel bait. And if we get those roaches to kill each other? Well, we could, the application of this cockroach bait. There are a number of different brands available, but neither did much better than that. They’ll gladly take the poison bait (due to the irresistible attractant) plus bring some back to their others. The venom may even remain in their feces. Other cockroaches (especially baby cockroaches) will eat then enjoy the stool and acquire poisoned too. What does this all mean? This means you only need some of these to consume and the rest will be deleted to suit your needs.

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