CLEAN YOUR LUNGS FOR ONLY 2 DAYS: With the help of these drinks, it’ll look like you’ve never smoked a cigarette

Clean your lungs

If you are a smoker or not, it may happen that you have lung problems. If you smoke, the worse because their lungs must be very destroyed. This recipe will help regenerate in just 72 hours. However, before starting this treatment, it is important to remove all dairy products.

On the first day, before bed, drink a cup of herbal tea. This will help your intestines to get rid of the toxins that cause constipation, which will facilitate the lungs to do their job.

before breakfast squeeze two lemons in warm water and drink.

Drink 300 milliliters of grapefruit juice. If you do not like grapefruit, feel free to replace it with pineapple -. These two fruits contain natural antioxidants that help your respiratory system

Between breakfast and lunch, drink 300 milliliters of carrot squeezed. This alkalizing the blood.

When eating should enter the body 400 milliliters of juice containing potassium in the body acts as a tonic for cleaning. Before going to bed, drink 400 milliliters of cranberry juice, which is effective against bacteria in their lungs caused by an infection.

Be sure to exercise. In addition, every day enjoy a hot bath, which lasts about 20 minutes – this will help the body rid itself of toxins. And also, inhalation of eucalyptus oil.


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