Clarity2 Review – Natural Tinnitus Relief That Works Quickly

Tinnitus is a terribly stressful condition that affects millions of Americans each year. Clarity2 is a nutritional supplement (not a drug) that aims to relieve tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears. Find out if Clarity2 really works today in our opinion.

What is Clarity2?

Clarity2 is a formula for tinnitus relief is committed to using natural ingredients to relieve tinnitus. Its herbal formula that promises to be safe and effective in treating tinnitus caused by all the different things -. Such as ear infections, wax buildup, and nasal allergies

If your tinnitus become a nuisance, and if you have a constant ringing in the ears, then Clarity2 promises to help you use an herbal remedy safe and effective. In addition to herbs, the formula contains amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins and minerals that promise to be a very effective tinnitus home remedy -., At least that’s what the manufacturer claims Utah-based

What is this herbal remedy and how it works? Let’s take a closer look.

How does Clarity2 work?

Clarity2 calls himself a “supplement of hearing and tinnitus.” Do not just treat tinnitus, but will also improve your hearing. Basically, manufacturers Clarity2 puree just a bunch of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and together. Each ingredient has been connected to the symptoms of hearing improved one way or another.

Here is a breakdown of each ingredient:

Ginkgo Biloba : This popular herb can be found in everything from nootropics to supplements tinnitus relief. Clarity2 manufacturers quote a 1986 study where 35% of patients taking ginkgo tinnitus cure in 70 days. Other than that, there is little evidence that ginkgo biloba can affect your hearing somehow.

vinpocetine : This is another nootropic popular ingredient, for some reason, it has been included in Clarity2. Clarity2 manufacturers admit that vinpocetine improves cerebral blood flow (the amount of blood to the brain). They say that vinpocetine “helps stimulate brain metabolism,” which in turn increases the production of serotonin and improve glucose levels in the brain. It is unclear how this is related to curing tinnitus.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is typically added to supplements to improve absorption. However, Clarity2 manufacturers cite a study in 12 patients experienced improvement in symptoms of tinnitus after undergoing replacement therapy vitamin B12.

Ginger Root: Ginger root helps stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation and alleviate symptoms of motion sickness. The manufacturer claims that this reality does not treat tinnitus, it only helps you deal with motion sickness some people with tinnitus.

Niacinamide :. This creates an effect of temporary washing helps increase circulation of more oxygen in the inner ear, thus the ear noise is reduced

cinnamon bark: Increases blood circulation and “breaks stagnation “


As evidence of these benefits, Clarity2 appointment only 4 studies your” Why “page works. Most studies do not give impressive results: the study Gingko Biloba, for example, had a failure rate of 65% (only 35% of patients alleviates symptoms)

There is another big problem. all these ingredients. manufacturers Clarity2 not include any dosage information

despite the lack of information on dosage supplement manufacturers link several times to studies that “prove” each ingredient enhances your audience and cure your tinnitus. Indeed, these studies show that only each ingredient amelioration of symptoms to a specific dose . There is no evidence that the dose Clarity2 (whatever that is dose) improve the symptoms of tinnitus.

Usually, when manufacturers do not list your dosage information is weak because they are hiding and hoping that they do not realize doses. That may be the case with Clarity2.

Clarity2 pricing

Clarity2 is available at a different price, including a free trial, as well as a supply of 30, 60, or 120 days. This is how the pricing is broken down:

  • 15-day trial :. $ 4.97 for the first 15 days, then $ 79.95 per month after that for a 30-day supply
  • 30-day supply (2 bottles / 120 capsules): $ 67.96
  • 60 day source: $ 112.00
  • 120-day supply: $ 179.20

shipping is included in all prices mentioned above (except for the test, where you pay $ 4 97) for transport).

Purchases come with a 75 day 100% money back guarantee. That actually will refund the shipping charges as well, which is a detail that we typically see with other manufacturers.

Who does Clarity2?

Clarity2 is made by a company called Ultra6 Nutrition. That company is called “primarily a product development company” that was established “with its main focus on finding unique ingredients that are effective and have the ability to change the lives of people.”

Today, Ultra6 Nutrition is based in Orem, Utah.

You can contact this supplement manufacturers to [email protected] email or by calling (800) 520 9806.

Clarity2 Should you take to treat your tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be caused by serious health problems. You should consult a doctor if you have tinnitus -. Do not take any supplements of poor quality, expensive and unquoted dose and strange ingredients

Most of the ingredients Clarity2 are not backed by any scientific evidence. The manufacturer seems to have freshly picked ingredients that improve blood flow, while hoping that blindly taken to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. We not even know the dose of any ingredient inside. That is very dangerous -. Especially when the ingredients promise affect your blood flow in one way or another

For all these reasons, Clarity2 is a nutritional supplement that should probably avoid – especially in its ridiculous price of $ 70 for a one- month. You can buy all the ingredients separately (at a higher dose) for a much lower price.

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