Chocolate Chip Cookie Fruit & Nut Bar (Compare to Larabar!) *PLUS* An Amazing Deal From MightyNest!

5 minutes. No cooking. Mayor saves money! You can do Larabar classic chocolate chip cookie Larabar at home!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Fruit & Nut Bar (Compare to Larabar!) This post is sponsored by MightyNest. I received the gear lunch at the photo in the post as compensation for the time, however, you should know that I only post products / services that I would use in my own family.

I’ve been giving myself a little kick in the butt to start moving back to school.

sigh. I love summer seriously. But serious love school routine!

Therefore, hold on to the last weeks of summer, get in as many days at the beach, as we can … and here and there relieve ourselves new school mode.

I have a funny * fast * small snack to share with you today for his return to packing school lunches … recipe and also a pretty incredible deal of MightyNest to pack your snack!

So let’s talk about this incredible deal MightyNest!

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Fruit & Nut Bar (Compare to Larabar!) The MightyFix is a smart way to start making small changes at home.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Fruit & Nut Bar (Compare to Larabar!)

This is my opinion on the chip classic chocolate biscuit Fruit and Nut Bar Larabar – feel free to use any nuts you have on hand! Classic Larabars use cashews – I like the taste of the best nuts, but use what you have! This lot will make at least 12 bars so you can hide them away in the freezer! They will go from freezer to lunchbox super fast.
Print with pieces of chocolate Waffle fruit and nut bar (Compare with Larabar!) * * PLUS an incredible range of MightyNest! Author: Renee – ingredients

  • 1lb dates Medjool (Our local store carries this brand)
  • 3 cups walnuts (drench and dewater the mine to reduce phytic acid)
  • 1 vanilla bean, scraped (this is optional, but gives a very good taste NOT use vanilla extract – the final product will be too wet / sticky – I even tried adding coconut flour to dry it and it did not work only vanilla pod if you want vanilla in original)
  • ⅓ – ½ cup chocolate chips Enjoy life


  1. everything except the chocolate chips in your food processor (I think a blender also work) and mix to combine. (You must press together when pressed on the mixture).
  2. Add the chocolate and pulse to combine, or simply blend into the mixture by hand.
  3. Press the mixture into a small baking dish lined with parchment paper. Put it in the fridge to specify what the cut is easier. You can cut immediately if you want – they’re really ready to eat immediately! I freeze cut into bars to appear on the easy lunchbox.


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the with pieces of chocolate waffle fruit and nut bar (Compare with Larabar!) * PLUS * from MightyNest an incredible deal! appeared for the first time in Increased Fueled Generation .

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