Chobani – Non-GMO All-Natural Greek Yogurt

chobani is a formation of yogurt that has become very popular for its design “flip” and natural ingredients. Here is our opinion as to whether or not it is Chobani yogurt right for you.

What is Chobani?

Chobani is a yogurt product line that emphasizes the use of natural Greek yogurt, sweetened with natural ingredients.

alignment fruit yogurts company includes at the bottom, mixed yoghurts, yoghurt 100 calories, “flip” yoghurts, yoghurt children, yoghurts and desserts.

The company is headquartered in the state of New York. Chobani CEO recently made headlines after he decided to distribute 10% of company shares to employees before the IPO chobani -. A decision that could net each company employees hundreds of thousands of dollars

chobani products

chobani products include many of the same things. Chobani emphasizes the use of non-GMO ingredients along with natural flavors “derived from real fruit juice and fresh vegetables,” according to a post on the Facebook page of the company .

The milk used in yogurt Chobani comes from “family farms in or near the Magic Valley in Idaho and Unadilla Valley in upstate New York. The company also emphasizes . that milk from the first day of operation, have only used from cows not treated with rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin)

yogurts company are separate in all categories:

of fruit at the bottom

These yogurts layered yogurt company on top of a base of real fruit. Flavors include apricot, Blackberry, Black cherry, blood orange, blueberries, mango, fruit . passion, peach, pineapple, Granada, raspberry, strawberry, banana and strawberry


yogurts combined have yogurt and fruit all mixed together – so you do not have to do no mixing himself after opening the yogurt. yogurt mixed flavors include watermelon, guava, coconut, coffee, Key Lime, lemon, mixed berries, non-fat vanilla, strawberry, whole milk, honey, vanilla and whole milk.


The chobani natural yogurts contain only milk with live probiotic cultures. They are available in two varieties, including natural fat and whole milk plain without.

Simply Greek Chobani 100

This Greek yogurt comes in portion sizes 100 calories. 16 different flavors are available, including banana strawberry, mixed berry red, strawberry chocolate truffles, blueberry Cookie Crumble, Mango Cone Crisp, Black cherry, blueberry, Key Lime, Mango Passion Fruit, peach, pineapple, coconut, pineapple, raspberry lemon and strawberry.

pull Chobani

You may have seen recent advertising campaigns on television promoting yogurts “flip”. These yogurts come with a container main yogurt and a smaller container connected to one side. To remove the covers of both, and then “flip” the smallest container in yogurt. That smaller container contains nuts, seeds, and other ingredients. Flavors include all of the following characteristics: Passion Power Mango, Sriracha Mango Chipotle pineapple, PB and J, butter sleep peanut, Coffee Break Bliss, mania Haze chocolate, Salted Caramel Crunch, almond Loco Coco, Key Lime Crumble, nut ‘Nana, Peachy Tropical pistachio and escape.

Chobani Mighty oats and beans old

These yogurts promise to offer the “perfect relationship of fruit yogurt grains”. There are seven flavors in total, including :. Apple Cinnamon Mighty oats, raisins Brown Sugar Mighty oats, mixed berries of ancient grains, apricot ancient grains, banana Mighty maple oatmeal, Mighty blueberry oatmeal, oats and peach Mighty

chobani children and babies

Chobani sells a line of yogurts for children and babies. Yogurts come in smaller, kid-friendly designed to fit in lunch boxes or easily fed a baby sizes. They include basic flavors like banana, mixed berries and strawberry.

Chobani lenient

Chobani lenient alignment is made with black chocolate and extra-creamy yogurt. They are designed to be eaten as a dessert chocolates while still being healthy for you. popular yoghurts in this line include black cherry and chocolate, double chocolate Chunk, caramel and black chocolate, banana and black chocolate, raspberry and dark chocolate, and mint and dark chocolate.

How is Chobani Yogurt made?

Chobani is proud of its manufacturing process. On the official website, explaining how their yogurt are produced in the following process site:

Step 1) Local supply: Chobani uses milk produced from regional farms in the state of New York and Idaho

Step 2) straining authentic: milk is transformed into yogurt using “a genuine process of casting that has existed for generations.” This process aims to Chobani strain secretes additional thickness and twice as much protein as regular yogurt, unstressed.

Step 3) Natural Ingredients: Chobani uses real fruit and natural sweeteners to give Chobani flavor. As an example, Chobani Greek yogurt contains 13 to 17 grams of sugar in each serving of 150 grams, while Chobani claims that the other guys use 29 grams of sugar in each serving of 150 grams.

Step 4) MANUFACTURING: Chobani states that “actively implement sustainability practices” as part of the commitment of the company with the surrounding environment and community. The whey byproduct created during manufacture, for example, is used as a feed supplement for livestock or as fertilizer for local farms.

About Chobani

Chobani was founded by Hamdi Ulukaya, who moved to New York from his native Turkey. Hamdi found American yogurt was delicious and not as widely available as it was back home, so he started making its own Greek yogurt in the United States.

The company was founded in 2005 when Hamdi bought a yogurt plant in upstate New York who had recently closed down. For 2007, the company had refined its manufacturing process, hired a “master yogurt maker” and produced high-quality yoghurt.

Today, nine years after its launch in 2007, it is the number one Chobani Greek yogurt in the United States.

The company is based on the following address:

147 State Highway 320
Norwich, New York 13815

You can contact the company by email to [email protected]

The OPI Chobani

Chobani has been in the news last week after the CEO Hamdi Ulukaya announced that all company employees would receive a stake in the company before departure public. The news was announced to employees at a meeting of the company surprise.

shares could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per employee. Each of 2,000 employees of the company is the delivery of shares on the basis of their role and the time they have with the company.

Despite the generosity, Hamdi stressed that it was not a gift:

“This is not a gift is a mutual promise to work together with a common objective. The responsability “.

Chobani has not yet announced a date for its IPO, although it is likely to occur in the near future.

Chobani yogurt outlets

chobani yogurts are available across America in Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, and many major grocery stores.

can also go through the Chobani SoHo cafe, where you can “experience our Greek yogurt as never before,” according to the official website of the company.

to find places that you can buy Chobani in your local area, visit the Product Finder on the official website Chobani:

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