Chic of the Week: Anna Elizabeth’s Winter Whites


Valentine is just around the corner … And if you have a date with your partner or a simple party with her friends, her team are sure to be on your mind. The first thing we think of when we imagine an evening gown date is something sexy and flattering, that make you feel your best. Radiates self-confidence is a great look for anyone. This Week Chic seems to have mastered the date night dress-with a little twist! Keep scrolling to see what she was wearing …

Congratulations to our last Chic of the Week Anna Elizabeth !

Chic of the Week in a Cute Monochromatic Outfit!

Chic of the Week's Outfit Details!

Anna Elizabeth in her Monochromatic Outfit!

Anna Elizabeth wrought this monochromatic look of the most perfect way . The key to wearing a neutral team as Anna Elizabeth is breaking up with a touch of color. She chose red lipstick, statement earrings and a black clutch and its bursts of color. Those three certainly gave his suit a little kick! This is what Anna Elizabeth had to say about their appearance …

At least once a week, my boyfriend and I designate one night on a date to the two of us. Although we have been together for more than four years, on those nights I like to put in my bar deep red lips, consider extra for my hair, and find a suit that reflects my sensual mood. The funny thing is that actually bought this monkey for summer, but with high cut and color of the light, which ended up working perfectly with a simple cashmere sweater for winter. The accessories that I used for the style of this monkey were cluster earrings featuring a black drop crystal, a simple gold bracelet with two clusters of jewels on each end, and my black clutch having enough space to fit my phone, lipstick, and a credit card.

Thank you for sharing your computer INSPO Us Anna Elizabeth !

Have you chosen your Valentines outfit yet?

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