Chic of the Week: Alina’s Mini Statement Piece

When you hear the term “statement piece,” a vision of the thick jewelry is probably the first thing that comes To the mind. When I think statement pieces, I think everything is going to set up a computer apart from the norm: bold heels, a beautiful bag, or something a little more conventional, like a cherry red lip or fun manicure. this week Chic puts his statement of choice favorite piece: a mini bag of candy. Who knew that a small bag could take a big hit? Keep scrolling to see how our Chic of the Week became an accessory in your preferred statement …

Congratulations to our last Chic week Alina !

Our Chic of the Week has the cutest statement piece!

Red lips and a blush blazer is the ultimate combination!

This week's Chic is beautiful in blush!

With a palette of classic colors like this Alina not you can do wrong. Since its ballerina pink jacket to his classic heels, this set is a winner in my book. Have you checked out your accessories? I’m hurt on his ear jacket and shiny simple pendant necklace. Not to mention that the berry pout! This is what Alina had to say about how a small change made a huge impact in his suit …

I ‘ have been carrying me a rather massive bag on a daily basis for as long as I can remember. It was a no-brainer because it could fit all my stuff (and I have a lot of things that apparently need to have with me) and basically my whole life inside a bag. That was until first thing a mini bag with me is done. And let me tell you, my life has changed! I realized that as a matter of fact, all you really need me fits in a small bag significantly. You have no idea what it was a relief to walk without a heavy load on my hand / on my shoulder.

Seeing a giant bag carry on regular, I know, definitely take a tip from Alina !

What is your favorite piece statement?

Let me know in the comments.

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