Challenges for Parents of Preemies

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In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) there are challenges that parents face when they are about to be discharged home. They are asked to parents with a car seat to the hospital to check if the baby is able to sit in the seat and travel safely home without complications. The father then asked for the room a night in a different room with the equipment to use at home, for example pumps tube feeding, oxygen monitors and medications that the baby is getting . Parents receive a brief lesson on how the equipment works, as it will be what they use at home. The nurses let parents know that they are a doorbell away and stay there to run the NICU for your baby for one night.


The underlying assumptions of these problems are the lack of confidence to take care of the baby, there is not enough information to really understand what all the machines and the lack practice time. With regard to this population, parents of premature babies, the argument that is heard more is that parents have been in the neonatal ICU nurses watching over the last 5-7 months and take care of your baby. The reality of the argument is that yes, parents have been there for 5-7 months, however, have focused on unity and healing of their own, both physically and emotionally wounded. When they go to see the baby, who just want to join and see your baby get well so that the baby can go home. They do not focus so much on how they will take care of the baby when they go home because in their minds of hope, who are hoping the baby will go home without any equipment. Hospitals say they give parents the opportunity to learn and this is enough for them, but in my opinion this is not objective. the truth is needed has been said, more geared to parents and home life education.

An alternative for sending parents of premature babies at home with brochures about caring for each team and call the doctor if they have any questions, would be a personalized transition plan that starts during the stay baby. A planner download teaching that only works with families when they go home would be beneficial. All parents should receive a binder when discharge planning is talking. This usually happens about a month before the baby is still ready to go home. This is the time when neonatologists are deciding whether babies are ready to go home and they will go home with. Instructions with photos in easy to understand language should be placed in the folder with an instruction with tabs for each piece of equipment, for each treatment and medicines. This will allow the discharge planner to begin preparation of the matrix of possibilities of what you can expect at home. The next step is to get parents to practice with NICU nurse and respiratory therapist how to make the various treatments and care for that baby. Allowing parents to see the nurse and again demonstrate the treatment because they will do at home, referring to the instructions of the binder and allowing them to ask questions and write notes to help you remember something that would helpful.


There They are many types of learners and we as a population of premature parents have to let the nurses know what our style is that we feel comfortable with in order to be good parents who take care of our baby. I have personal connection to the population of premature infants is that I’m one of those parents who had a premature baby. My son was born at 27 weeks, 10 oz 1 pound. He stayed in the NICU for 5 months. I was very involved in the care of my son and the state as a nurse, but there were many times that I was a mom for the first time. The night my husband and I rooming, which were overwhelmed, do not sleep with all monitors to sound alarms that sound for food and necessary treatments. I said to myself, this is very stressful even for an experienced nurse like me. During my stay in the NICU as a father who mostly cared about bonding with my baby and have it delivered home as soon as possible. This is one reason why my husband and I started a 501c3 charity called the gift of life. “The gift of life offers hope, encouragement and support to parents of premature babies and neonatal intensive care units.”

Today my son is a healthy six years old, and although it has some problems, by the grace of God surpasses every day and has a contagious smile and laughter that involves everyone who meets to learn more about premature birth and what it means today. It will be encouraged and know that problems can come, but every day is new and will overcome them. The famous phrase in the NICU is that it will take 10 steps forward and six steps back. Okay, because in those difficult days, look back at where you were and how far we have come today.


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