Cerebral Palsy: Top 5 Possible Causes of the Disorder

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Cerebral palsy is a general title that is used to define a group of chronic disorders. These, Äúpalsies Au they inhibit one person control over their own movement AOS as a result of brain damage. This usually occurs when the brain is still developing. Cerebral palsy typically develops and becomes evident from early childhood. This is a non-progressive disorder, which means that this brain damage does not get worse as a person ages. Regardless, the symptoms associated with damage have a tendency to change as time progresses. Sometimes, they get better and some worse. It, AOS one of the most common causes of disability in children. These are some of the five most common causes of this disorder.

Number Five: A mother Experiencing infection during pregnancy

A pregnant woman has an infection during pregnancy increases the risk of harm to the child, AOS nervous system formless. This could be anything from rubella for cytomegalovirus (similar to herpes virus) or infections caused by parasites. Unfortunately, many of these types of infections are not detected.

Number Four: Infant jaundice can cause cerebral palsy

Jaundice is a disease that is caused by excess bilirubin in the blood. The job of the liver is to filter it. Many times, infants livers, AO do this effectively from birth, so the fairly common jaundice newborns in the days after birth. In most cases, a specific type of light therapy will clarify this, leaving no detrimental effects. In rare or untreated cases, however, the disease can cause brain damage.

Three: The Rh


Sometimes a new mother and her baby share different types of Rh, carrying the body mother, AOS try destroy the fetus blood cells, developing AOS. This can lead to a type of jaundice and severe damage to the brain and CP cases.

Number Two: Traumatic Birth

Some births are physically traumatizing and metabolically for the baby, sometimes including head trauma. This can lead to damage to the fetal brain.

Number One: Oxygen deprivation

Lack of oxygen is possible during delivery, which can cause cerebral palsy. Thank you for reading.

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