Cellex-C Patented Anti-Aging SkinCare Formula

Cellex-C is a company skin care that helps fight the effects of aging and stress on the skin. This is our opinion.

What is Cellex-C?

Cellex-C is a company skin care that uses a proprietary formula to get deep into the pores and skin layers effectively used their products. When you face with a standard cleanser washes, all you are doing is washing the top layer of oil, dirt and free radicals that come into contact with every day. However, your skin clean is not reality after this process. You still have pores are clogged with oil for months and months, and you need a product that can penetrate through the layers of the skin to help. Luckily, that’s where the processes behind Cellex-C come in.

When you are trying to determine whether Cellex-C is right for you, consider that the company is able to treat a variety of different complexions. With its wide variety of products, Cellex-C can treat skin are normal, dry, oily or sensitive to powerful formulas. Regardless of the category of your skin falls into, Cellex-C is an effective solution.

Cellex-C is able to effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles. During a clinical trial, consumers were able to feel a difference in the firmness of your skin in just three months. As for the changes, the clinical study showed that the formula was able to affect the skin texture of 84.2% of the group surveyed. These are the percentage changes than other consumers saw

  • 3% of the test group there was an improvement in your skin tone.
  • 6% of the test group was less discoloration in your complexion
  • 4% of the test group realized a better firmness in the skin
  • 8% of group rest reported a skin texture smoother

About Cellex-C


Although there have been many other products made from the beginning of the company, the formula is the reason why Cellex-C has continued to succeed. The original formula was created in early 1990, when they introduced the idea of ​​applying topically Vitamin C for the health of consumers can enjoy benefits.

Cellex-C After he broke into the industry of skin care with this idea, many companies followed. Some companies today still products that are infused with vitamin C. Fortunately for Cellex-C, no other company has been near its results are sold.

The complex Cellex-C was developed patented, ensuring that other companies can not give consumers the same product, since they provide. The formula is derived from a phytochemical composition, which has been shown to help skin care products absorb deeper into the skin . This simple discovery means that regardless of the potency of the product, is able to penetrate the layers of skin for a deep and deep cleansing moisture.

Cellex-C products

Cellex-C products completely made without preservatives, and never tested on animals. In fact, their clinical trials were conducted on the back of the hands of women to test the formulas in an area with thinner skin.

There are several different products made by this company, all of which aim to give the youthful glow you want. These products include:

  • Complex Cellex-C
    • replenishes vitamin C levels skins, which are necessary for the production of healthy collagen levels.
  • Professional Formulations
    • A powerful formula that is designed to smooth and firm the skin
  • enhancers
  • Correctives
    • a product line that helps correct problems such as swelling, stains, discoloration, etc.
  • Betaplex
    • contains natural exfoliants to prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells
  • Sun Protection
    • protects the skin from harmful UV rays that can cause skin to lose elastin and wrinkles form.

Shopping Cellex-C products

To purchase any of these products you will have to go to the “Cellex-C in the world” of the Web page. From here, you can select your country to determine what the website has to continue to order products. US citizens will have to follow the link to CDI brands if you want to make a purchase.

This site is home to many advanced technologies skin care. With each of the brands that support, you’re well on your way to skin smooth and youthful .

contact Cellex-C

If you have further questions about the products made by Cellex-C, you can call (416) 975-2662, although the company has based in Canada. You can also send a fax to (416) 975-2672. If you need to return a product or communicate through email, send your envelope or package to:

9 New Street, Toronto, ON
M5R 1P7 Canada


Cellex-C is able to formulate products that moisturize deeply and cleanse pores for a clearer complexion. Keeping your face clean and moisturized that a youthful appearance is necessary. Many of the products that start at around $ 40, but some are more than $ 100. These products are expensive, but their price is justified by its effectiveness.

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