CBD for Life Pure CBD Face Cream

By Laura C.

When asked if he wanted to revise TIA Pure Life CBD CBD cream face ($ 34.99), they told me absolutely! I am a big supporter of the hemp plant; Its uses include paper products, food, textiles, cosmetics and more. Hemp is a ground floor of pesticides, produce greater amounts of crops per unit area, it requires less effort, and can be grown almost anywhere in the US So I was excited to learn that cannabidiol (CBD) – one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis -has many health benefits, it can be used topically, and is touted to have healing properties. Not to worry, however :. It is not like that other active cannabinoid, THC – which is legal in all states and has psychoactive properties

According to its website, the CDB for Life is a company owned by a woman making beauty and nutritional products. His is99 percent pure CBD, derived from the stems and stalks of industrial hemp, and come from Germany. CDB for Life says its products with essential oils and CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation and promote anti-aging benefits. There is a research group that supports the claim that cannabinoids may help reduce certain types of pain, and is used in many areas as a medicinal remedy for various ailments. I think their use in beauty products is perhaps less common and not also investigated, so I’m interested to hear how this ingredient will be used and marketed in the future.

As the own face cream goes, I like a lot (with some minor caveats I’ll explain later). It has a very smooth texture and leaves a non-greasy, velvety in the face. The lotion is very moisturizing without being too heavy – perfect for any season. It is absorbed well and I carried it on my heavy sera without feeling like you have too much product on my face.

During testing, I found myself reaching for the cream pure CDB face when my skin was irritated and needed something relaxing. So I think there is something that the properties of “healing” of the CBD. He had no red face or cause breakouts – my skin is prone to both -. So I think it’s a good product for sensitive types

Warnings are in a handful of questionable ingredients: some preservatives unwanted, such as phenoxyethanol and pentylene , some silicones, and some other potential irritants. In general, however, the positives outweigh the negatives ingredients. There are plenty of fruits and flower extracts, essential oils, and of course, the star ingredient CBD. I am very impressed with the large number of botanical ingredients here and I’m willing to overlook unwanted because of how lovely this cream makes my skin feel ingredients.

My sensitive, 40-something, drinks sun-damaged skin this stuff up! One question – can put me on my feet?

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