Carnivora Review – Strengthen and Support Your Immune System

Are you looking for a health supplement that will produce antibodies to strengthen their immune system and facilitate the production of white blood cells healthy?

What is Carivora?

Carnivores , derived from the Venus flytrap plant will give your immune system a boost and help it function at a more optimal level.

The health benefits of carnivores

Take the recommended dose of Carnivores will help improve and strengthen the immune response to foreign entities, while modulation and or stimulate the entire immune system.

The Carnivores health supplement will also help

  • destroy toxins in your body
  • increase their levels energy and decrease feelings of fatigue
  • Improve mental clarity
  • facilitate a better functioning of your digestive and intestinal tract
  • prevent fat accumulates in the liver
  • sugar craving control
  • Keep the white blood cells

Carnivores also helps promote increased cell production white blood when necessary. There are reports that this supplement can be beneficial to AIDS patients, although clinical research is lacking, leaving unsubstantiated reports.

Dr. Helmut Keller – The creator of Carnivores

Dr. Keller, a German oncologist and the man who first discovered the many benefits of the Venus flytrap plant. From that discovery, he went on to invent Carnivore, which is a health supplement patented, registered in more than 25 countries.

Carnivore Carnivore is manufactured by Research International, founded in 1981. It is noteworthy that this company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2009, and was given an A + in 2013

Where is Carnivores Done?

International Research Carnivores are the only manufacturers worldwide. Their approach to making Carnivores ensures 100% yield extract Venus flytrap plant. Their products are not even diluted with water. This product also has a safety data sheet of material trademark, and is manufactured in the United States using the European patented technology. It is worldwide through distributors.

The ingredients of the Carnivore

Carnivores contains 17 compounds, which occur naturally in the plant extract as follows:

  • Hydroplumbagin
  • quercetin
  • arginine
  • asparagine
  • formic acid
  • fitohormonas
  • cysteine ​​
  • Threonine
  • Lipoplysaccarides
  • alanine
  • Droserone
  • histidine
  • glutamine
  • proteases
  • serine
  • miricetin
  • gallic acid

Where to buy Carnivores and What does?

Carnivores can be purchased in capsules or liquid. The envelope of the capsule is made of cellulose powder and silica . It is not toxic to animals and humans. Both products are 100% pure and free of charges, alcohol and other toxic excipients.

This product is currently selling online at $ 39.95 plus shipping. For those who order 5 or more bottles, you get one free. If you prefer, you can also buy directly from the carnivores, a professional registered holistic health, or other medical professionals.

prices through physicians will need to check directly with the practitioner.

Be sure to store your supplements in a sealed container and refrigerate after opening. Do not store near the sun, and do not use the extract near flames, sparks or heat, as shown in manufacturing.

Carnivora Side Effects

  • Ingestion: If ingested in high doses may experience less nausea. This happens because the Carnivora cause rapid elimination of pathogens. If this happens, it is recommended to reduce the dose by half to one-third will gradually increase.
  • Eye contact: This product is not considered harmful. If any extract accidentally touches the eyes, it can cause irrigation. Rinse with water, but if you still irritated seek medical advice.
  • Skin contact: Skin irritation may occur if prolonged or repeated contact instances, but in general, this product is not considered harmful to your skin. Rinse with water if your skin feels irritated after contact Carnivores.

Who Carnivore is not for

  • anticoagulant drugs :. People taking blood-thinning medications should consult with your doctor before starting Carnivore, as this product may interfere with prescription drugs

Research on Carnivores

There are links to many published studies claiming the benefits of carnivores, found on the product website carnivore Science. It is noteworthy, however, that the excavation revealed that more detailed studies were conducted using mice and test tubes -. No humans

The only study conducted using human subjects is Dr. Keller’s own study of 210 cancer patients using as their subjects. It was found that more than 55% of the group experienced either stabilization or remission of cancers, after taking Carnivores. Really impressive, however, further research revealed that the American Cancer Society confirmed that the study by Dr. Keller was not replicated.

There are also links to many published studies, claiming the benefits of carnivores, found on the website of Science Carnivores product for those of you who want to do more research on your own.

people who have used Carnivore

President Reagan referred to in the German study Cancer Therapies as using Carnivore for preventive therapy in 1985. He later visited Germany and met with German specialists about their colon cancer diagnosed. It is believed that he used Carnivore after diagnosis to help your treatment.

A case study in 2014, with the participation of a patient 30-year-old cancer who developed renal failure shows that tests in relation to renal failure, he revealed that he had taken high doses of Carnivores. After the interruption of their kidney function improved, indicating that their doctors, which Carnivores may have been the underlying cause of kidney failure. The website of the manufacturer makes side effects related to the direction of taking high doses of Carnivores.

Bonus tip

Enter Carnivore as recommended, or just below the recommended dose to avoid the risk of nausea. As with all supplements do not take over the factory recommended doses.

The baseline

If you are looking for immune support supplement Carnivores worth considering. The ingredients of this supplement are not only compatible with your immune system, although there are many other areas of your body. Healthy white blood cells, increased energy levels and toxin elimination, to name a few.

Carnivores also has the added benefit of helping to stop sugar cravings feared. The price is reasonable and contains 100% natural ingredients. Carnivore is definitely not to be taken by pregnant women and those taking blood thinning medication should consult their doctor before taking this supplement.

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