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Quantum 9 is a consulting firm based cannabis Chicago, IL. Specialized in assisting high net worth individuals, private equity and investment firms with the complicated process of obtaining licenses to grow, manufacture and distribute products of marijuana and marijuana, Quantum 9 employs more than 35 consultants to streamline the process license application.

Quantum employs 9 grant writers United States Food and Drug Administration experts to help with your application services marijuana. The scope of governmental knowledge of business operators cannabis has become sophisticated and penetration, and by using grant writers FDA as part of its marijuana Services Application Quantum 9 you are able to help applicants in creating a very detailed and narrative history to present to the governing bodies as part of their business plan.

Putting together the best possible team is a pivot when approaching regulatory authorities as applicant for a license cannabis Quantum of 9 marihuana application service start by creating a detailed financial analysis, high resolution target market to assist applicants in understanding the potential costs and return on investment associated with potential project. In typical markets with high competition, the acquisition phase to obtain a license for, cultivate, manufacture or distribute marijuana can cost $ 500,000 to $ 2,000,000 depending on various market variables and the criteria required for submission of the license.

The cost day-one of obtaining a license cannabis is usually in the region of $ 2,000,000 – $ 10 million once the license has been provisioned. Quantum 9 has one of the highest success rates for any consulting firm application of marijuana in the world, having been successful 22 licenses marijuana separate 24 presentations license, which translates into a success rate of 91 , 6%.

Step No. 1. Research Act

Knowledge of the Law and Regulation of cannabis in the region that is requesting a license marijuana is the first and most important step in the process license application. In situations where state laws regarding the possession, cultivation, production or distribution of marijuana have not passed is still important to frequently evaluate pending legislation and monitor market development to anticipate possible changes in the market. Playing an active role in the process of Rule suggestion may draw positive attention to your computer.

Maintaining an awareness of elected officials who support bills that help provide a legislative outcome that can help your position and competitive advantages can be gained in the application process by adapting to these officials. If you make direct contact with a member of Congress is not possible, alignment with lobbyists that have a demonstrable and positive history of interaction with elected officials that applicants wish to associate with can produce positive effects on laws and regulations affecting the license application marijuana cannabis. Elected officials who vote positively in the legislation regulating cannabis often see the positive effects of trade in cannabis within the state or they can personally benefit from marijuana healthy markets and the process of identifying and tracking these people is important.

Once the legislation in favor of marijuana has become law by the governor of a state, quickly becoming fluent in the specific aspects of the law is a key factor in the application process, with details of the draft law enacted that provide the most important information to applicants. States that sign legislation into law pro-cannabis determine which branch of the government agency will be the spearhead of the law and to manage integration, and at this point will be selected personnel to oversee this process.

States like New York, Massachusetts and Florida use the Department of Health to include the marijuana law, which is the most common arm of the government to take responsibility. In some cases peripheral this process can be controlled by the Department of Health and Health or the Department of Public Safety followed by the Department of Health as the deployment model dispensary in the state of Hawaii.

Step No. 2. Know the right people

The ideal in the process of application for a license to cultivate, manufacture and distribute products of marijuana and marijuana scenario is to have a partner nearby assume the role of Commissioner Marijuana Program. If this is not possible, alignment with the Commissioner Program cannabis can produce valuable results, either directly or by working with existing pressure groups.

Obtaining a discussion time face to face with the Commissioner of cannabis program is a key factor in obtaining a license marijuana, as being able to provide knowledge of matter expert and informative such as the possible applications of cannabis rescue -derived medical technology and its ability to save the lives of children with life-threatening diseases can provide convincing arguments for marijuana.

bring this life-saving technology to the attention of the Commissioner of Cannabis Program and awareness of the natural healing properties of the cannabis plant a legislator can become a very effective tool to create a positive result cannabis in the law of creation. Once voters voting in a state have become aware of the ability of cannabis to save the lives of children becomes very difficult for the government to eliminate freedom of cannabis treatment.

Step No. 3. Know the Rules

The third element of a marijuana license application success is gaining a broad understanding of the minutiae that make up the rules and regulations of cannabis program governing state. The Commissioner of cannabis, along with the state, a staffing structure for the program will be formed and assigned the functions of the head.

Subsequently, the draft regulations will be integrated and published, or the rules and regulations governing the possession, cultivation, manufacture and distribution of marijuana and marijuana in the state. These draft regulations are often closely resemble the regulations imposed in other states and once again become the recreational program or “adult use” Liquor Control Board will probably start to monitor the program, as demonstrated in Washington and Oregon.

States government often takes many elements of the regulations of the Guidelines cannabis Marijuana Policy Project, and the recommendations of the Association of American based products plants and the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia. Applicants can increase their profile and standing with the regulatory board by submitting frequent the state website relevant questions, which helps the applicant appears to be more serious for the licensing of government petitioner.

Demonstration forecast to play an active role in building a system of cannabis regulation gives credibility and seriousness to the applicant’s position. Applicants should construct questions that provide definitive answers on the various elements of your business, such as the legality of cannabis delivery services is a profitable and popular point of difference in the states where possible.

Step No. 4. hire experts

The most important in the application process step is locating and engaging a consulting firm cannabis. Many of the most successful consulting firms charge fees cannabis major consulting to guide applicants through the process of permitting long and complicated acquisition and licensing.

Making a Cannabis Consulting Company often multiplies the capital cost search associated with obtaining a permit, but provides an excellent return on income on measurable effects, such as saving time and quantifiable success improvement probability. Cannabis Consulting companies maintain a vast network of contracts cannabis critics, industry experts and strategic partnerships.

By selecting a consulting firm cannabis is important to hire a company that has no less than twenty presentations, as Cannabis Consulting Company without a demonstrable success story of license applications can often make the process more difficult to implement and in some cases hinder the chances of winning an applicant for a permit.

Cannabis consulting firms that maintain an active interest in the industry of cannabis, such as marijuana production, manufacture or distribution facility often have a better understanding of best practices for the license application companies limited to a strict observance and consulting in the industry.

Step No. 5. Get information State

Most states provide information on changes in regulation and legislation of marijuana available on the official website of the State. Many states will create a site dedicated to collecting and serve public information about medical marijuana, and usually offer automatic email notifications that are an excellent resource for license applicants.

The sections of state sites medical marijuana ‘FAQ’ provide comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the application process, and outdoor marijuana cultivation legality, regulation of the provision of services marijuana, and the qualification criteria for patients seeking approval of medical marijuana.

Step No. 6. Know advisers

The governing body of state marijuana program in general, the Department of Health Advisory Board, will appoint a team of advisers. Applicants are encouraged to participate these advisors, as they often have an impact on patients must meet specific criteria to qualify for the registration of medical marijuana. Many states limit the number of illnesses and diseases that allow patients to qualify, and the Advisory Council of the Department of Health will be consulted to form a list of these conditions.

Working with these advisors to facilitate the inclusion of pain and sleep disorders, chronic greatly increases the range of acceptable for medical marijuana conditions, and is responsible for the success of markets, as the market for Colorado, which reported a turnover of $ 996 million in 2015. these conditions have a wide range of key indicators and symptoms and the inclusion of these disorders increases the size of the marketable population in the state of the applicant.

Step No. 7. Follow the department heads

The department heads related to cannabis program state of the applicant are very important in the process of regulation of cannabis. In the course of the evolution of the law of cannabis, the drafting of legislation, the law, these individuals play a key role and are consulted by law firms, conference organizers, special interest groups and more to share their knowledge of the program.

Events such as conferences are an excellent opportunity for applicants to obtain answers to complex questions that are not easily answered by resources such as state medical marijuana website .

Step No. 8. Attend public forums

Once medical marijuana standards have been finalized and published, usually most states will host a meeting at City hall to facilitate public comment on the decisions taken. public forums provide an excellent opportunity to expose your company and brand to the public by proposing questions discussed during the meeting. By doing carefully composed penetrating questions, applicants are able to create a lasting impression on listeners and noting an overview of their intentions before interrogating offer the public a clear view of his philosophy of the company.

Asking questions and answers relevant is an efficient method of gaining ground in the industry, but applicants are advised to avoid the development of questions about the provision of the first clones and seeds the state, like genetics that are used to cultivate the first wave of product are legally ambiguous. One solution to this problem of the ‘Immaculate Conception’ is importing genetics research center or other state university Schedule 1 Narcotic Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license holder.

Step No. 8. write a good plan

As with any business venture, construction and outline a comprehensive business plan Cannabis describing a business structure for potential investors and pro forma is critical. Once the applicant has announced its proposed conditions, market size can be determined. Some states put limits production, which can have a negative effect on the operations side of the cultivation process.

Many states adhere to the practice of placing a lid on the cultivation, such as count limit Hawaii plant 3,000 plants per cultivation center or 12 plants per limit patient Michigan. The average population of a state registered in a medical marijuana is 1.5% to 2.4% of the population.

Step No. 9. Acquire Assets Property

Historically, many state regulators have been shown to award licenses for the cultivation, manufacture and distribution of marijuana and marijuana for applicants who had property in the physical state as opposed to the mere possession of an option on earth. The acquisition of suitable property is an integral part of the application process, with properties in the correct zoning with access to a minimum of 7,500 kVA perfect.

Make an independent testing agency to evaluate the quality and purity of water available in the immediate area is recommended before purchasing a property. In some cases, the lack of purity in the water that is available for a building may require extensive to be suitable for cultivation treatment and may require installation of expensive filtration systems before starting the production process.

property purchase applicants for both positive effect on the probability of being issued a global license and net positive effect on the value of the company is recommended. Cannabis specific fitouts may require either the conversion of an existing building or build a new production plant, and is often established as a joint venture between two or more companies, divided between licensees and holders of assets.

Step No. 10. Align Out of state operators.

The ecosystem of cannabis cultivation America has a network of large-scale existing manufacturers and operators, dispensaries growing in many states. Alignment with these operators neighbors or between countries states can help companies producing cannabis with a wide range of benefits including exclusive discounts with other business operators cannabis, lawyers, specialists, accountants, bonding, business extraction experienced experts and consultants formulation of marijuana.

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