Cancer MoonShot 2020 Review – Cure Cancer Using The QUILT Program?

moonshot 2020 Cancer is a national coalition initiated in 2016 in collectively pushing forward based cancer treatments in immunotherapy. Here is all you need to know about this new organization.

What is cancer moonshot 2020?

moonshot 2020 Cancer is a national coalition of major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. That coalition aims to boost immunotherapy treatment to cure cancer lead by founder Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong (known as cancer doctor behind Moonshot 2020).

is a “Moonshot” as it plans to solve a huge problem in a very short period of time.

A introductory video about the organization 2020 moonshot cancer explains that cancer is a complex disease with multiple mutations and multiple clones. That’s why one of the therapeutic approaches rarely work is done. Flooding your body with toxins is also “is not the answer”, according to cancer moonshot 2020. Soon-Shiong Medical has been in MSNBC and CNN news agencies and have more important press releases and announcements in the near future .

Like once we shoot for the moon in a few years, the cancer moonshot 2020 plans to launch into a cancer cure by the beginning of the next decade. That gives us four years to solve one of the most deadly diseases in the world.

How Cancer Plan 2020 moonshot cure cancer?

Cancer Moonshot 2020 states that there has never been a better time than now to cure cancer. “We know more about cancer than ever” because we have mapped the human genome.

The use of modern medicine, we can identify the unique characteristics of each individual and the immune system all the proteins that influence your body – and help grow or die of cancer. With that in mind, here are the specific ways in which cancer moonshot 2020 plans to boost cancer treatment:

-Provide first insurance coverage Nation “whole genome sequencing and next generation proteomics diagnostic platform “in cancer patients

Implement next-generation sequencing and medicine precision the evolution of research context of the trial and clinical cancer care

-Shape one coalition to design, initiate, and complete random at all stages of cancer by up to 20 types of tumors through 20,000 types of patients multiphase 1 to 3 trials by 2020.

clinical trials

beneficiaries and patients will undergo molecular-generation sequencing and “access to more than 60 novel molecules and approved” to be tested as immunotherapy combinations in 20,000 cancer patients with cancer across all tumor types. This program is called quilt.


are involved?

Cancer 2020 moonshot announced plans on January 11, 2016 San Francisco. Some of the key players involved in this organization are:





– Etubics

-Altor Bioscience

Biological -Accuracy

together, these companies launched the Immunotherpary National Coalition (NIC), described as a “historic alliance” which gathers Independence Blue Cross – one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States -. With a focus on accelerating potential cancer treatments

This is also why it is expected that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to participate and perform at her in an upcoming speech about healing initiative cancer moonshot 2020.

What is the Program qUILT?

One of the key aspects of cancer moonshot 2020 is the program covers.

QUILT permanent means Integrative quantitative test. It is designed to address all aspects of the immune system testing a combination of vaccines, cell-based immunotherapy, metronomic chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunomodulators low doses in patients.

The plan is to enroll 20,000 patients in this program for 2020, including patients with 20 different types of tumors (such as breast, lung, prostate, ovary and brain cancer, for example).

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a unique form of cancer treatment. Instead of flooding your body with toxins, immunotherapy (also known as biologic therapy) is designed to stimulate the body’s natural defenses against cancer.

Treatment materials produced by the body or in a laboratory are used. These materials are specifically designed to improve the function of one immune system of the person. By examining your immune system and provide targeted support to different aspects of the immune system, immunotherapy promises to be extremely effective.

Although it is unclear how cancer immunotherapy treats researchers believe can function as follows:

-Stop or slow the growth of cancer cells

-Avoid cancer to other parts of the body [spreading

-HELP the immune system function more efficiently in the destruction of cancer cells.

Currently, there are several different varieties of immunotherapy available, including monoclonal antibodies, immunotherapies nonspecific, cancer vaccines and oncolytic virus therapy.

Cancer immunotherapy moonshot 2020 provides insurance coverage through Independence Blue Cross

Independence Blue Cross is playing a key role in cancer moonshot 2020. As part of this initiative, Independence Blue Cross is the first major insurer that provides reimbursement to members of the entire genome sequencing implemented as part of this process.

In other words, patients with other insurance providers do not receive coverage for treatment. Patients regardless of Blue Cross will receive at least some coverage.

Ultimately, the 2020 moonshot cancer is cancer collaborative initiative broader US to date. By implementing immunotherapy in patients with cancer, 2020 moonshot plans to study how the latest immunotherapy practices can affect the body’s defenses against cancer.

The Phase II trials are scheduled to begin within the next 36 months. Stay tuned for more information on cancer moonshot 2020 as it moves towards its huge goals!

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