Can you learn a new language while you’re fast asleep?

Sounds too good to be true right? This learning method has been criticized by many as pseudoscience and sometimes even fraud! So is it really possible to learn the language then when you’re asleep? The answer is …


Yes, you can!

The National Science Foundation Swiss published research in the journal cerebral cortex, which stated that you can actually learn a new language when you are in deep sleep. Biopsychologist Björn Rasch found that hear the words newly learned a foreign language can actually help better retention of those words when you’re awake.

was carried out a test in 60 German students who received a set of words to learn Dutch. They were asked half of them to sleep after learning of words, and asked the other half to keep awake. New words are reproduced below, the asleep and awake were made to actively listen to the same new words.

The group was asleep then woke up at 2am and test all 60 students was held in the new Dutch words they had learned. The study found that those who had heard the words were much better sleep reminding them that those who were awake.

EEG recordings were performed in participants sleeping, that keeps track of your neuronal electrical activity and found increased activity in the parietal lobe (the lobe related to processing language). So yes, you can definitely learn a new language when you are asleep!

how do you call?

hypnopaedia was the first term used for this. Now some call verbal cues, some subliminal learning and some even call passive learning or sleep. You can call any of these.

So how can you do?

Well this type of learning occurs during NREM sleep, which is basically REM sleep. Those first few hours of sleep, which are the deepest, dreamless. So if you go to bed at 11 pm, then the time audio playback between 12 and 2am. This is the NREM sleep time for you. Keep the volume down because they do not want to wake himself because of all the noise. Just keep in mind hearing the same words before calling it a night.

This is evidenced, and discover for yourself the fascinating method of learning sleep.

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