Can We Reprogram Our DNA and Heal Ourselves With Frequency, Vibration & Energy?

Reprogram Our DNA - heal ourselves

As if to confirm the feeling that many of us had our “junk” DNA was nothing disposable , researchers gene and stem cell therapy program at the Centenary Institute of Sydney have shown that 97 percent of programs of human DNA or proteins encoded our body. One of the researchers involved in this study said: “This discovery, which involves what referred to above as” junk “…, A new level of control of gene expression opens”

This also means that there are multiple ways that conventional science has yet to give a signal that could only re-train or reprogram our DNA – even cells that have become cancerous or are mutilated by the attack of toxins in our environment and negative emotional charge that has been shown to have an undesirable impact on health. Many people have compared the human DNA Internet. vast amounts of information in a microcosmically small, but significant, that mimic a vast network of information portals, not unlike the billions of interconnected worldwide Communicates websites. You can account for our intuition, spontaneous healing, and a number of other phenomena that conventional science is beginning to understand.


Chaos theory says that the chaotic appearances are only a very complex system affected by subtle changes in an almost infinite number of possibilities different. When you consider that humans have three billion base pairs of DNA, most of which are identical, but there are at least three billion raised to the fourth power ( 4 raised to 3000000000 ) of possible positions – it could only call the DNA of a highly organized system, but extremely complex – – a the number of particles in the universe greater number apparent chaos. Is not it possible that such a complex system can be affected by very subtle changes of light or sound, including the human voice?

THE SPECTRUM DNA: make music with biology

There are numerous scientists (not to mention thousands of years of spiritual adepts) who claim sound and light alter our DNA and directly influence our biology. DNA is a kind of language, albeit complex. Computer simulations and for a purely biological understanding of the language approach, have failed however, in the same way that language can not describe “promoted states.”

conventional science tell us that while the DNA involves construction rules affecting different sequences, the “dictionary” DNA does not follow Zipf’s law , following each another natural language. Thus, even though DNA has a structure, not a language. Wholeheartedly disagree. If you’ve ever seen a musician who was an expert at playing his instrument technically perfectly, but somehow lost emotional language “, which is necessary to transmit a standing ovation performance of inspiration, then you understand that string together a perfect or sequence of notes phrase does not account for a completely independent and subtle language that speaks to the heart and the human mind. it is the technical perfection of the right rhythms and notes paired with heart and passion that brings us to our feet. Similarly, DNA can be skewered in your typical aT or GC set, but it is junk DNA that could decide whether cells that cause developing cancer or be gifted with the ability to see clairvoyantly.

Russian linguists , Dr. Pjotr ​​Garajajev and Vladimir Poponin found DNA does follow patterns similar to human language and rules, but this is not the most interesting information, by a long shot. In fact, the biologist, Dr. David Deamer and Susan Alexjander, with a masters in music, have found that DNA makes its own beautiful music even before trying to alter. The two measures actual DNA molecular vibrations and recorded using an infrared spectrophotometer. They exposed each section of DNA to infrared light and measures the absorbed wavelength, and therefore determine its sound frequency. What was done was the music ‘hauntingly beautiful’. “Some of the combinations of frequencies,” said Alexjander “.. .they Are simply breathtaking. It sounds life for me.”

Is this real?

While interesting and inspiring, at least in imagination, ideas singing DNA DNA and re-structuring intentional frequency are certainly hard to find in the practical application and are so far lacking legitimate scientific validation. As with Chi , plotting essence of life of Chinese medicine , the difficulty of finding verifiable evidence and the use of these theories is something that has won this line thought the title of the new age and pseudo-science.

Science, however confirm that the sound and light can and should directly influence the body’s healing processes. Researchers at the University of Cincinatti have had measurable success in applying high frequency electrical signals to vascular cells to great effect in persistent chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers healing. For decades, the mystery of Royal Rife and healing machines often have been regarded by many as the end-all cure for a wide range of diseases, parasites and bacterial and fungal infections. Their findings suggest that each living organism has its own unique resonance frequency and, by subjecting the body to electrical currents pathogens, diseases and ailments specific target can be neutralized and destroyed without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures. Moreover, acupuncture, the ancient Chinese system of medicine that works directly with energy lines of the body and has offered tangible healing benefits for millions for many centuries, has also recently been validated by scientific research .

These examples illustrate, to some degree, the ancient spiritual notion that the human body is animated by a subtle energy system that can be manipulated by the application of sound, light and intention. For one to understand this in experimental terms, however, it is necessary to cultivate sensitivity to detect and direct this energy, but for many, this culture process is simply too demanding and too methodical to be assimilated as a regular part of everyday life . Most people simply do not have the patience in our fast-paced environment awareness to achieve this, including scientists.

SHAMANISMO meets science

While science is making exciting progress in the understanding of our quantum universe, healing modalities without time shamanism in recent times has forced its way into popular conversation about healing and spiritual development. In fact, shamanism can offer the best example of how the use of sound and directed energy can achieve healing in the body and psyche.

In a healing set of shamanic tools, agents most commonly used and highly appreciated healing are often Icaros, which are sacred songs sung by the physician to the patient to affect health and wellness by the charm of the subtle and invisible spiritual influences that may be holding the body and psyche. In addition to Icaros, shaman often chacapas, packets of dried leaves and other musical instruments or adjusting that create sounds that are influential in the body’s energy system are also used.

often with the use of medicinal plants , shamanic practices can have powerful positive effects on the sick, and some scientists are recognizing that the rich medicine alkaloid Ayahuasca can be able to help cure cancer. Eduardo E. Schenberg of the Federal University of Sao Paulo, has released recently, research indicates that the compounds DMT and harmina, found in the Ayahuasca have demonstrated to induce death of cancer cells and some inhibit the proliferation of human carcinoma cells. ”

While reductionist science is good in the isolation of molecular reactions, the truth is that any research on the topic of ayahuasca is incomplete without the recognition of the beneficial presence of shamanic healers who are capable of carrying out the greatest energy potential effects of any chemical compounds within the Ayahuasca, or any other plant medicine. The administration of the compounds without the context of genuine shamanism is hollow, and lacks the complete picture of the healing potential of the shamanic medicines. The main way in which shaman communicate with a patient is through his Icaros and other instruments sound and vibration, demonstrating their understanding that a significant part of the science of healing is working with vibration and frequency .


While certainly an interesting idea for Muse, solid evidence that the frequency and vibration can directly affect the healing processes of the body of DNA and is still forthcoming, however, there is a large body of human evidence of experience to inspire and guarantees the consideration of this item.

This is not an easy theory to prove, or disprove, and the answers are unlikely to satisfy everyone. The best we can see is that truth is relative to personal experience somehow, and when a person has spiritual experiences or cosmic which do not fall within the explicable territory of the rigid science, which unfortunately are left in the lurch by a world paradigm that is strictly adamant in refuting the mystical.

Surely this is a complicated issue and sometimes heated, since we live in a world still dominated by materials science that attempts to reduce the mystique and spirituality of anomalies in chemistry brain and personality. However, at the same time, the human race is coming up against serious plateaus in their understanding of how to interact with the natural world, including our bodies, which means that we must be willing to explore tangentially to the validity of the information received through intuitive experiences.

These questions are here to stay until answered, so they are not worthy of a second look with an open any possibility mind?

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