Calendula Salve Recipe


is the secret ingredient in many healing balms and skin care, and for good reasons. marigold petals are rich in compounds that nourish, moisturize the skin and support healing – that have been used for centuries to help with everything from conjunctivitis sore throats and skin irritations. But I do not think a cut or scrape is needed to make use of it – I use it on my face and I love how it makes my skin glow


few weeks shared a very simple method to making calendula infused oil at home , and now I will show how ridiculously easy it is to do it in a #allthethings save. By #allthethings I mean I use it as:

  • facial moisturizer
  • agrietados- lip balm
  • lower balm

  • baby
  • owie save
  • burn ointment
  • bite balm
  • insect

And by easy I mean you can do while the child tries to climb back like Kilimanjaro. ask me how I know.

Anyway, this is so amazing that I have a bit of tin in my bag. I love these 2 oz. cans for everything from this balm chest rubbing of these children and these bars insect repellent lotion . They also make a great gift when you lotion bars this recipe and these molds .

(Also, if you like the sound of calendula ointment, but want to skip the infusion process can buy pre-made calendula oil here .)


calendula essential oils that complement

I love the earthy, herbaceous scent of marigold, and is an ingredient that truly stands on its own. However, there are several essential oils that can be complementary on the basis of what you are trying to achieve. Some of my favorites are Lavender incense manzanilla and tea tree .

essential oil

carrot seeds (which is distilled from wild carrots) is thought to be beneficial for supporting skin elasticity and healing, but from what I have heard their fragrance can be overwhelming . He has been out of stock in stores that buy for some time, but is finally available again . I just ordered some, so I’ll let you know. ?


Calendula Salve Recipe



Gently heat the beeswax in a bain-marie. (If you do not have a double boiler you can use a stainless steel container placed in a pot of boiling water.) When the beeswax is melted, add oil calendula . Let it warm up for 30-60 seconds, and then moved until the beeswax and oil are thoroughly mixed. If you are adding essential oils, wait until mixture slightly, then stir in

Pour the balm into a clean, dry container and let it cool -. I used three of these 2 ounce cans . Now you are ready for the next attack insect, bee stings, scrape, etc.

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