C Luminous Skin – Advanced Skin Care Cream Treatment?

C light skin is a company that produces skin care that are designed to provide treatment to all age groups. This is our opinion.

What is C light skin?

Aging is a natural process, which is often combined with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around her face. Many women want to maintain their youthful glow, whenever possible, but the system of wrong skin care can stand in the way of it. Products skin care he used in his younger years can not keep pace with the changing cell structure of aging skin. For that reason, it is necessary to include anti-aging products your usual skin care as skin luminous C.

C luminous skin it is designed to help women or men who want to fight the appearance of aging. Using formulas antiaging products is very different from using the approach that systems skin care typical of normal skin. Most formulas have retinol, collagen, elastin and to help with a number of issues that are causing wrinkles. Most of the time, the loss of flexibility skin is due to a lack of cell regeneration. When flexibility is lost, your fine lines become more evident.

Unfortunately, the site has no other information about the product. No details on whether the product is involved in a system skin care , or what type of product it is. In addition, the website does not tell the consumer exactly how to use the product. The only information given is about the ingredients included.

Luminous C Skin Ingredients

Since no other information is limited, the company seems to depend on the consumer’s ability to understand the ingredients list on your own. However, it could also be an effort to simulate the provision of information, when the consumer realistically knows nothing more about the product.

The company claims that there are three specific ingredients that are mainly responsible for the effectiveness of this product, whatever the desired result can be. These components are:

  • Gatuline in-tense
  • GluCare S
  • Trylagen PCB

The Gatuline in-tense is used in a series of anti-aging products, and is able to take advantage of the natural elevation of skin properties that give a youthful glow. It is an oily extract, which comes from Spilanthes acmella. Essentially, it is also able to adequately provide moisture to the skin without feeling greasy.

GluCare S is an ingredient that helps your skin to activate the natural healing properties that are already present in the skin. The healing process helps repair the damage that has been caused by free radicals in the environment. Since the abrasive treatments and skin therapies through the years can do more harm than good, it is possible that your skin to be trained to respond in a matter of healing.

Trylagen PCB help with collagen levels in the face, which is essential for a smooth and youthful skin. Collagen is responsible for the fat they experience in their cheeks, chin, and other areas of the face. The presence of this chemical that helps the skin to fill up, which ends up filling in fine lines and wrinkles around your face.

The combination of these three active ingredients makes for a smart and effective for the recovery of his former youthful glow solution. While the product would still have a positive effect on aging with only one of the ingredients, it appears that the combination of the three ingredients is the solution to maintain its fresh and bright skin.

price of C skin bright

When you decide to embark on this skin care routine , the company that enters a trial evaluation, rather than that allows you to go ahead and buy the full product. His trial period lasts 14 days and is given four days to delivery. Once this trial period you will automatically be charged $ 94.99 on the card used to pay for shipping.

At this time, the website is not working well on the website of orders. You must continue to check back on the website to determine when you can ask for.

contact with skin luminous C

If you need clarification about the science behind this regime skin care, you can speak to a customer service by phone or email. If you need a quick answer, you can call (888) 695-5354, but no information is available about the hours of operation. If your request is not urgent, you can email [email protected]


The biggest problem with C luminous skin is that there is almost no information about the product. The web page simply lists that this company is able to help consumers of all ages with its formula of “anti-aging”. Unfortunately, the website does not even say what type of product is the luminous skin C. Moreover, even if you want to order the product, the company is not allowed to go to the next to the order in the first page. The website says that the page is currently not working.

In addition, he is offered a trial period, but is charged almost $ 100 per month after that for every month you do not cancel the program. With that limited information, consumers should avoid using this product.

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