Business Behavior Creates Health Problems

Work and health. These two issues are major concerns of this century. In fact, they are so interrelated these days you’d be hard to find people who work without concern for their health. And I’m not just talking about physical health, but also mental and emotional health. Along with increasing obesity rates, this country is also experiencing increased rates of depression, apathy and indifference of family, friends and life itself. Suicides are at their highest point, violence is increasing (if you watch the news, anyway), and people are increasingly self-absorbed and cares about their welfare than they are for their children.

What is the reason this is happening? It is the relationship we have in this country among our our behavior at work and health. Both systems have bases in the old industrial work ethic and mentality of the 19th century. What seems to be missing is that by keeping the assumptions and beliefs of our ancestors in regard to labor and health, we will not be able to change either the health care system or the way we work. What are these assumptions and beliefs?

Here is an incomplete list:

-working 9 to 5 (or 6) Monday through Friday for 40 years or more is the way we always work, despite the changes in our world for work and do business through new technologies

-adhering to a system of agricultural education (children go to school from fall to spring with the summer holidays)

-working more hours produces better results than the hours working shorter

-using managers as vehicles to control the mass of employees who are obviously not competent, you need ideas and plans and behaviors that are given from above, they have their own life, and are not trustworthy

-physical health can be separated from mental and emotional health

-time equals money

High levels of stress does not contribute to the health problems

-The work is more important than anything else in life, including family, friends, hobbies, passions, creativity, imagination, rest, sleep, health, nature and sports

-our system of health care is one of the best in the world

-our system of health care is really a health care system rather than a location pill and repair body

These assumptions are critical to the functioning of our behavior at work and health. Work in America is the number one activity we all engage. Despite our complaints about wanting a life or be healthy or be free, work is what we all do. Work is the identity of America. It is not freedom, no freedom, no basic civil rights, not prosperity or wealth. The work is how we all learn from each other and despite this, we all complain about work, because none of us really wants to. This creates a conflict between our emotions and our behaviors. Our behaviors are derived from our mistaken beliefs and assumptions about what work does for us, while our emotions dictate what we really want. And despite today it said that emotions dictate behavior, it is actually the other way around. Our emotions dictate our behavior.

think about this. Whenever you want to go do something, whether watching a movie, going out with friends or family, play with your dog, or take a nice, casual walk in the middle of the day, we can not. What we want to do most is relegated to the background, because the work is considered a priority. What is the priority? The company that either work for or their own business. And although we have tons and tons of time management courses and gurus, this way of life it is getting worse and worse.

We’ve all read or heard that you have to have time for more important things in our lives, with health being number one. We can see that this will not work if we continue to believe the beliefs and assumptions above. We must replace these beliefs / assumptions with more power that will allow us easily live lives of balance.

Which brings us to a question on health. What is health? Or being able to get enough ideas to creatively change the world? Or is it to be able to enjoy the life you have given each and every day? The answer is that health encompasses all our lives. It means being able to live a life where you can be creative, control, and minimize the physical, mental and emotional suffering until the end of his life. It means following the desires of your heart and continue to keep the maturity and wisdom gained from past experience. It means being able to keep up with their children when in the park. This is to achieve the dreams you’ve always wanted to achieve. Health is the wholeness of life. Without health at a given moment, your life is not lived up to its potential.

Our work behaviors diminish our potential for health. Believing work is done only between certain hours on particular days or particular forms, our health suffers. By believing that we must work for a company that says it has your best interests at work, but not really fool’s errand. Believe our work system or health care helps make the United States top the global environment is false, but certainly causes illness and disease here in this great country. So, what are the new beliefs and assumptions of empowerment that “should” have?

-Work to do their work only when you need to do. If not an emergency or a real priority relegate according to their own list of tasks for the day

-The results of the work must be productive and that’s all that should be based on not the time you need to get it done.

-Health is life. Without follow our dreams and passions, be creative, getting enough sleep or rest, or activities that we really enjoyed, life can be a full work only with empty shell.

-Work is the fourth family, friends, and passions

-Confidence. Confidence in yourself and trust others. If you are an adult, you should realize that other adults can be as reliable as that when work needs to be done

-Play should be 80% of his life, while work should be 20%

-Consistently these beliefs repeat itself every day in order to obtain benefits for life

This is how health can increase work behaviors changed. This is not easy, but it is an easy way to change the way we do business and live our lives. If you have any questions, comments, please let me know on my email address. Thank you.

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