BurstFit – Dr. Josh Axe’s 30 Day Home Workout DVD System?

BurstFit is a fitness program that promises to help anyone master your metabolism, reduce your waist size, and permanently eliminate cellulite from their bodies. Here is our opinion BurstFit.

What is BurstFit?

BurstFit is a fitness program created by Dr. Josh Axe, a naturopathic doctor who has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and other media. BurstFit makes bold promises about your benefits -. Including the ability to record up to 3 times more fat and calories than a traditional cardio workout

Like many exercise programs, BurstFit specifically marketed to those who are “tired of working and not see results you would like, “says Dr. Axe in the official sales page.

BurstFit There are multiple programs available, including BurstFit Original and BurstFit fire. Dr. Axe also offers online seminars through its official website, where you can hear your fat burning tips for free.

Most of the testimonials on the page BurstFit are women (including women of all ages). However, there are some testimonials from men as well. You’ll be doing workouts with names like “The Bowen Butt Lift”, and there are entire sections of the program dedicated to the elimination of cellulite, so this program is directed primarily toward women.

How BurstFit work?

The original BurstFit program comes in the form of three DVDs. There are 7 total training on these DVDs with a total of 20 minutes each workout.

Following along with these training programs, supposedly you can record up to 3 times more fat.

The secret power behind most of training BurstFit lies in its High intensity interval training , or HIIT. This new system of exercises fashion involves working out for short bursts of time with short rest periods in between. Some research has suggested that it is better to burn fat than traditional cardio :. A burn more fat in less time

With that in mind, here is how the 3 different disks in BurstFit break:

Disc 1: Burst fat Off Body

  • Ab and Back Ripper
  • chest and definer arms
  • shoulders and legs Shaper

Disc 2: Total Body Shred

  • back and Sculptor
  • chest

  • Leg and Core Shred
  • arm and shoulder toner

Disc 3: butt lift Bowen and Nutrition Segment

  • end elevation Bowen
  • Segment Nutrition with Dr. Josh Axe


Bono Nutrition:

  • the Top Foods for fat loss

Each of the above exercises lasts 20 minutes. You can tell which part of your body that is working according to the program name.

Although nutrition is not the core of the program, there is little nutritional information added to the program. For example, the program teaches the main herbs, supplements and exercises that allow you to burn fat fast. It also focuses on foods that are cheap, healthy, and provide a sustained burst of energy while increasing your metabolism.

BurstFit What is fire?

BurstFit has recently introduced a program called BurstFit fire. Like the original program, this program is Dr. Josh Axe and Suzanne Bowen leads you through several training sessions.

fire, like the original BurstFit, is based on Interview . If you have time to exercise for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, then the program guarantees you’ll see results. Fire is aimed at people who do not have much time to work -. As active professionals or parents

The fire program includes 6 sessions of intervals of different burst, including Core 1 Abs on Fire, Core 2 fat Inferno belly, Cardio, shoulder Shred Absolutely lean arms, Hot Legs, booty Bootcamp, as well as heating and cooling video.

price BurstFit

BurstFit Original BurstFit fire and are available online through Amazon.com, for which he will pay the following prices:

  • Original: $ 39.09 + shipping
  • Fire: $ 42.97 + shipping

with both programs, a set of 3 DVD with all the training sessions mentioned above is obtained.

training can also buy online from the official website BurstFit.com, although they tend to be from $ 5 to $ 10 more than the price of Amazon (and you have to pay the extra shipping as well) .

Wherever you buy, your purchase comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

BurstFit Webinars

Occasionally, Dr. Josh Axe hosts online webinars. These seminars promise to teach you how to master your metabolism, reduce your waist size, and “banish cellulite forever.” They are online workshops explaining some of the philosophies BurstFit weight loss.

Some of the things Dr. Axe explained in recent webinars include:

– top 5 foods to naturally increase your energy and increase your metabolism

– What do you keeps losing the last 10, 20 or 50 lbs

– learn the 6 best “foods death metabolism” that sabotage your weight loss efforts

– Discover what really causes cellulite and how to make it disappear from your body

– Discover the best herbs, supplements and exercise to burn fat fast

BurstFit says that spaces are limited and online seminars “always full”. They are available for free online. No problems to register for a seminar at the last minute, so I’m not sure if it ever really “fall” of the spots.

Who is Dr. Josh Axe?

Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor who has also made a name for himself through various media. He is a regular radio broadcaster, for example, and has an online presence rapidly growing (thanks to the official website of BurstFit and Josh in DrAxe.com).

Dr. Axe is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and an “expert in natural medicine,” says his official website. Their motto is “Food is medicine.” He does not show much biographical information online. However, there seems to be a medical doctor :. Always listed himself as a “doctor of natural medicine” – which is a significantly different standard of medical

In addition to hosting a radio show, Dr. Axe has published a book entitled The Real Food Diet Cookbook. It also works with the US Olympians and traveled to the 2012 Games in London.

In any case, Dr. Axe focuses on recommending natural remedies, healthy whole foods, and exercise training techniques based on HIIT.

must be used BurstFit to lose weight?

Research on interval training high intensity (HIIT) shows that can be more effective than traditional cardio exercises to lose weight. If you only have 20 to 30 minutes a day to exercise, then you can lose weight with programs supposedly BurstFit Dr. Axe.

Fire BurstFit original are both very similar, although fire is aimed at those who have less time to devote to exercise. With both programs, you are paying for 3 DVDs and a handful of different HIIT workouts. The workouts are led by Dr. ax or his training partner Suzanne Bowen and guide you through workouts.

If you want to avoid fad diets and focus on a training program supported by concrete results, then BurstFit may be the training program you’ve been looking for.

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