Burn 800 Calories In THREE Minutes By This Amazing Technique

it is so nice to think about losing weight without following any diet and special exercises. This must be a dream of many people. Well, this could be real, because it is an amazing technique that can help you lose 800 calories in just 3 minutes for only $ 75.00.

The new way to lose weight begins to gain popularity in Australia. It is known as “Cryotherapy ‘and athletes is generally used. This technique has to stand in a tube cryotherapy for 3 minutes to burn 800 calories. It is usually used in surgery and medical treatment, but can also be used to help weight loss.

This 35-year-old mother, Kelly Edwards from Ettalong Beach is a master of ballet underwent cryotherapy in order to get rid of body pain. drop has occurred in your dress size 12 to 10 in just one month. His legs are strong and toned by the treatment. She has not changed your diet or start exercising, but lost 4 kilos in a month. The difference was noted in the back of his legs that seemed firmer.

There cryogenic nitrogen vapor causes a drop in body temperature by 30 to 50 degrees frost. The temperature in the lower house to -124 or Celsius in just a few seconds. The session lasts 3 minutes but is freezing. It can also help with stress reduction, prevent depression, sleep disorders, etc., the cryosauna automatically shuts off after 3 minutes for safety reasons. You can not stay there for a whole day you can get hypothermia.

The body returns to normal temperature instantly as soon as you jump off the camera. It’s not like entering a cold shower. It will take a while to build, but at the end of three minutes is ready for ho pout.

To get there, you will have to wear gloves, snow boots, small and lingerie, and jewelry have also removed. In use, the body works overtime to protect vital organs from the cold and makes pushing blood from the extremities to the core. Leaving the cryosauna, the body works harder to heat again. This process burns up to 80 calories and gives the skin a boost collagen, protecting the breakdown of existing collagen, explains the founder of CryoFitness, Peter Watson.

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