Build a traditional Chinese medicine herbal remedies kit at home

There are many Chinese herbal medicines that are good for both acute and chronic medical conditions. Many remedies are best kept at home or by hand when traveling, to be immediately available at the first sign of infection, injury or discomfort. Herbs are also used preventively. For example; if someone at home, at school or at work has a cold or the flu; Herbs can be taken preventively to avoid getting sick. If one becomes ill, the symptoms, discomfort and duration may decrease considerably.

These remedies are an excellent option and can avoid the need for over-the-counter medications. Herbal remedies are mild, as they can decrease inflammation without reducing fever too strongly and without inhibiting a positive immune response. It is important that the body can produce a mild fever to activate immune responses.

A kit can be assembled for easy access. The following remedies are suggested options for specific acute conditions.

KAN: Initial Defense

First sign of itchy sore throat. Swollen glands Mild fever. Also for itchy red skin lesions that can move. Common cold / flu / skin rash

KAN: antiflogistic

For an infection / inflammation / sore throat / more acute fever

Traditional KAN: Bi Yan Pian

Sinus congestion with heat. Clear or yellow phlegm due to cold / flu or allergies

Plum blossom: PI Min Kan Wan

Similar to Bi Yan Pian, except for slightly more acute conditions with more inflammation.

KAN: Peaceful Cure of the Earth

Use it for general stomach or digestive problems. It can be caused by cold or flu, food poisoning, soft stools, weak digestion, overeating, nausea, motion sickness. Not for constipation.

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Pure encapsulations: grapefruit seed extract capsules

Use it for the first sign of stomach flu / infection with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Also food poisoning, bacteria, parasites. Very bitter taste, so the pills are the best for internal use.

Professional formulas: liquid grapefruit seed extract

Liquid grapefruit seed extract is useful for topical use. It should not be used undiluted on the skin or mucous membranes. It can kill parasites, fungi, bacteria and is safe to use. For toenail fungus, dilute with isopropyl alcohol. The liquid can be used as a disinfectant or in dandruff shampoo.

Solstice Medicine: Burn Cream (Ching Wan Hung)

Topical ointment for first, second and third degree burns with excellent results. It will reduce pain, swelling and blisters. It can be used topically for hemorrhoids, pressure sores, acne, sunburn, heat rashes.

Yunnan Bai Yao capsules

For internal and external bleeding, traumatic swelling, insect bites, excessive menstrual bleeding, severe menstrual cramps, bleeding from ulcers, hot skin infections. Contraindicated in pregnancy. Take the capsules internally, or for topical use, open the capsule and place the powder on the clean wound and bandage.

Golden Sunshine: hot herbal patch and Terminator Pain herbal patch

Medicinal herbs for the external treatment of musculoskeletal pain and bruising with Far Infra-Red that helps absorption.

Other herbal remedies that are not listed here may be useful, such as liquid formulas for children that contain glycerin.

These medications are highly appreciated by those who have used them and have experienced the value of having them on hand. Today several acquaintances mentioned having food poisoning and soft stools. They would have been very happy to have grapefruit seed extract capsules and peaceful soil: healing remedies with them during their travels.

In the case of chronic diseases, acute diseases that do not resolve quickly or are serious, or if you are taking other medications, it is better to consult a qualified professional of Traditional Chinese Medicine or a medical professional. These suggestions are not intended to replace medical care; They are intended to be available for use until you can get proper medical care.

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