British Mother ‘Smothered Baby With Her Hands’ In France Before Being Admitted To Psychiatric Ward

A British mother interned in a psychiatric hospital in France after killing allegedly by her five months old baby “drowned the child with his own hands” at the end of a holiday of a week in which his behavior became increasingly erratic.

The grim details of the death of Daniel baby were revealed by the local prosecutor, who said the 42-year-old mother, an accountant from London, had confessed to killing her baby, but the only reason I was able to act for her was that she was overwhelmed by the “fatigue”.

The father and surviving son, two-year-old Ben, was on Monday still in the cottage in the picturesque village of Saint-Pee-sur-Nivelle in the Basque Country, near the border with Spain, while police continued their investigation.

The family name has not been released.
The mother was arrested after the baby’s death on Saturday morning and Sunday was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in nearby Bayonne.

Daniel’s body was taken to Bordeaux and was to undergo a post mortem this week to determine the exact cause of death.

But prosecutor Marc Bayona Mariée told the Telegraph that the initial results clearly showed that the child had been “stifled by the mother with her own hands.”

It is said that the conclusion of a psychiatrist who examined the woman, who apparently had been hospitalized in the United Kingdom for depression, was that it was very “disturbed” and “submerged by feelings of helplessness that led this act “.

Mr. Mariée said he had been behaving erratically during the week of the family had been in the area in the foothills of the Pyrenees whose beaches, mountains and beautiful countryside make it a popular destination among tourists British

had a shouting match with her husband in the courtyard in front of the two-bedroom lodge first floor on Friday night and then drove with the baby for several hours, leaving her husband alone with his eldest son, the owner of the house, who lives in the same Basque timbered house, told the Telegraph.

A couple of days earlier, the family were in a lake a few miles from your vacation home rental when the mother left with both children and beached father went there, the prosecutor said.

The owner of the house, who asked not to be publicly identified, said the couple had left every morning to drive out for the day before their roots BMW and returned at night.

“seemed a very normal family,” he said.

“But on Saturday morning the father went down to ask me to call an ambulance and the police. I was very nervous,” he said.

The father had risen early to start packing things for the family outing that day. He listened to his eldest son screaming out of the room where the two children had been sleeping with the mother, according to the prosecutor.

When he went to see what was wrong, the mother got up and went with him to the kitchen as if nothing was wrong. But minutes later when she returned she saw the lifeless body of her newborn son and gave the alarm, the prosecutor said.

Fire, who are trained as paramedics in France, arrived at the scene shortly after and tried to revive the baby, but unsuccessfully.

The mother has not yet been charged with any crime. Psychiatrists should be rechecked before prosecutors decide how to proceed.

On Monday, a police car drove up to the house and then the father followed the officers of his own car, presumably to provide additional witness statements.

Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle is close to the luxury resorts of the Atlantic coast of Biarritz, favored by surfers, and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Mayor Pierre-Marie Nousbaum said of the tragedy. “This is a quiet, peaceful village where this kind of drama is not the norm This is a great pain for the family, the owner of the house and for the people “.

The town of about 6,000 people, which is known as Senpere in Basque, lies inland on the river Nivelle in the province of Lapurdi.

The area is known for sheep breeding, production Ossau-Iraty cheese and Espelette pepper. Its lake with a sandy beach offers swimming, canoeing, kayaking and fishing. More than 60 miles of marked trails near the village are very popular with hikers and cyclists.

Apart from tourists coming mainly in summer, Saint-Pée ​​attracts tens of thousands of people to an annual spring festival in support of schools in the Basque language.

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