British Man Becomes The First Person To Recover From HIV

HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus is deadly and can lead to ADIS. When a person is infected with it, the immune system begins to fail, making people more susceptible to developing different types of cancer. Nine to eleven years is the approximate time of living with HIV. Many people are not even the goods they have it. Moreover, those who have the virus are being discriminated lanky or because of it think they can easily become infected.

However, there seems no hope against this deadly virus. There was a man in Britain who make history beating HIV. Although hard to believe, this man (44) was cured of HIV. The scientists found that the virus was actually legitimately impossible to find in your blood. Therefore, if the virus can not be detected over a longer period of time, then this will be the first case of a complete cure of HIV. A group of scientists from the UK did everything possible. The National Institute of Health Research Office director general clinical research infrastructure called Mark Samuels said they are trying to assess the possibility of finally cure HIV. It is difficult, however, progress has been very good so far. The virus is hard to beat because it makes the T cells of people ignore the virus itself and reproduce it. Therapies that are available worldwide for HIV patients are unable to cope with the inactive T cells that are active, therefore the individual’s body will still produce the virus.

There are two steps in the new promising therapy. First, the vaccine helps the body recognize cells that have bene infected with the virus and because of this the body starts to get rid of them. And the second step is a drug called vorinostat. It is a new drug formulation that helps in the activation of latent T cells for the immune system to detect. According to Professor violinist Sarah Imperial College of London, this therapy is mainly used to eliminate every HIV virus. She continues therapy has been designed with the goal of healing the human body to get rid of the HIV virus.


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